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  • yeah that mission sucks the first time. it's not bad if you're a soldier and you've got a good shotgun
    lol yeah I was the same way with Kreia. I mean it's clear she's up to no good from like the second cutscene XD

    I do like it because for once there's someone who's clearly grey in a lot of ways. A change of pace from your typical Jedi / Sith who are either goodie two shoes or EVIL CARNAGE KILL BLOOD MURDER
    haha oh god kreia (but to be fair, you know, she's not exactly a girl scout :p) and Atton.

    But yeah, she's pretty mean at the beginning but her backstory is very interesting, give her time. You'll thank me later I think.
    haha she's definitely abrasive. she has a very nice character arc though, so don't give up on chatting her up. That's all I'll say (because obviously I'm not going to spoil you)
    Yeah, they did that to make it more accessible I think. On the plus side, you don't have to spend days selling of 4632 of the same crappy gun you looted and you don't have to worry about attaching new ammo upgrades every fifteen minutes.

    ME2 is my favorite game of the series because the plot and the characters are so good! And the combat is good as well. Less RPG than 1 though you are right.
    True. Most of my acquaintances are cat people, so that doesn't help my case. xD I'm sure I'll have a nice experience with one some time. :p

    Which console is it on?

    Welp, I must ask; what did you think of the new OR/AS footage?
    Aw, that's too bad. I'm actually the opposite; great experiences with cats, bad experiences with dogs. I was bitten by a friend's dog one time. And every time I go into someone's house, I feel like their dog wants to tear me apart...^_^; I'm actually a bit afraid of them.

    I have only had time to finish X and also run through Y. Hey, I've heard that's a good game. A friend of mine was talking about it.

    Excited for E3?
    Great! I'm sure she will have a wonderful life with you.

    She's very good. I was surprised at how good she is, actually. Very flexible, although most of the cats I've dealt with have been flexible, which is always nice.
    The puppy is beautiful! And really cute name. ^_^ Thank you, I appreciate it. I'm doing better and working on it. :)

    She's a calico, and about two years old. She's perfect for me right now because like me, she has no energy haha!
    Congratulations on graduating. Ooh, what kind of puppy? That is so cool, I'm sure you'll have a great experience. Great! I should be able to get back into college soon, but I'm taking the Summer off due to stress. Everything is alright with me, just got a cat. My cousin had to move from her apartment and was forced to give up her cat, so I took it.
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