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  • Merry Christmas to you too ^^. I see but semitoad is ugly! Really I just take anything you don't need or want.
    I'll be making one by breeding and I'll take anything really if you want to give me an item thats fine. I'll have it ready tomorrow. PS. lol me too ^^
    ok everyone im back up and running now ;)
    i have pkmn black and i am going 2 be online more then before
    I can reduce reduce its Evs and then apply the some with vitamins as you asked, i just wanted you to know this information so that we are on the same page.
    Please reply in my thread with a time that is good for you and i guess i'll take the shiny flygon
    Ok, so you want me to use berrys on you Lvl 100 Alakazam to lower its EVs and then with vitamins raise its stats, you do know a pokemon will only take 100 evs from vitamins and that its impossible to fully Ev train it once its Lvl 100 right? I mean, it will get close but it wont reach its full potential also can you offer something that i dont have?
    :look: what happend to this world :look:
    :confused: i can trade with other people :confused:
    but, not a few, just like you :confused:
    I have :argue: with nintendo about 15-20 time before about the wifi. and yet still i have to :argue: some more with them.

    And it is not my router, i have had about 10 experts round and the say its 100%. :7up:
    but nintendo is no help so i'm always :confused: with why they havn't fix it.
    and even my heart gold does this :confused:
    even AT a freinds :conangry:

    WTF is happening :conangry:
    i may as well just :angel: away....
    but thats just point less like nintendo. :yawn: there so boring. :zzz: :zzz:

    God Help Me :angel:
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