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Recent content by Jaguarfire

  1. Jaguarfire

    Sun and Moon Contest #5 - The Typings of the Final Starter Evolutions

    Rowlet: Grass/Flying Litten: Fire/Dark Popplio: Water/Fairy
  2. Jaguarfire

    Alola: Too many Mono Types?

    I don't mind the amount of monotypes. As long as they all have unique, and interesting designs and as long as the games have a Pokedex filled with variety, I'm perfectly fine with it.
  3. Jaguarfire

    Ultra Beasts Speculation

    I'm just wondering if we are going to "battle" them somehow. I don't mind if they aren't Pokémon, but I just wonder how exactly they will play out.
  4. Jaguarfire

    Anyone planning your team yet? What are your picks so far?

    Most of these will probably be replaced because I do want to see what other Pokémon they have but so far: Pokémon Sun: Rowlet Wishiwashi Comfey Salandit (most likely will be replaced) Pikipek Togedemaru Pokémon Moon: Litten Vikavolt Alolan Marowak Pyukumuku Cutiefly Bounsweet
  5. Jaguarfire

    What is your favorite Pokémon Ranger Game, and do you want more?

    I have been wondering which ranger game is the most loved? So which of the series is your favorite? I personally liked Shadows Of Almia the best, I may be biased since it was my first video game ever, but I felt like the plot and areas were pretty interesting, and I loved the characters as...
  6. Jaguarfire

    SUPER POLL! Which is, in your opinion, the best Pokemon game ever?

    My list would be: Platinum HeartGold and SoulSilver Black and White Black 2 and White 2 Emerald FireRed and Leaf Green X and Y Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Yellow Diamond and Pearl I haven't played through any of the other games so I don't feel like it would be right for me to judge them...
  7. Jaguarfire

    What did your Hall of Fame look like when you beat the Elite Four?

    Pokémon Yellow: Arcanine, Pidgeot, Alakazam, Lapras, Vileplume, Pikachu Pokémon Emerald: Exploud, Skarmory, Walrein, Claydol, Aggron, Blaziken Pokémon Diamond: Roserade, Lopunny, Gengar, Floatzel, Crobat, Infernape Pokémon Pearl: Purugly, Rampardos, Honchkrow, Drapion, Garchomp, Empoleon Pokémon...
  8. Jaguarfire

    Things you want to see done in Sun and Moon

    Maybe you could use other tools to replace HMs. Or even pull a Pokémon Ranger and have Pokémon with field moves, that don't affect their battle movesets.
  9. Jaguarfire

    Things you want to see done in Sun and Moon

    Sorry if someone has already posted this, but I had an idea. Hawaii is a group of islands, and many people go there to surf those ways. I'd like to finally see the removal of HMs, and no need for Surf anymore either, as Hawaii has a huge surfing community. We could go across bodies of water on...
  10. Jaguarfire

    Were there any basic NPC trainers that gave you some trouble?

    There was a Trainer in Reflection Cave, Battle Girl Hedvig or something, and she had Throh and a Hawlucha. The Throh was really bulky and hard to take down, but nothing impossible. But her Hawlucha... Even after defeating Korrina that thing is still a big threat, and just proceeded to wreck...
  11. Jaguarfire

    Diamond and Pearl Remakes

    This, I recently looked at the layouts of landmarks in the fourth generation, and Platinum added way more personality to the areas. Just look at places like Eterna Forest, Stark Mountain, Lost Tower, etc. I hope they do what they did in HGSS and incorporate a lot of Platinum elements into the...
  12. Jaguarfire

    Gen I VC releases teams!

    My team will be: Venusaur Pidgeot Alakazam Lapras Arcanine Pikachu I'll be getting Pokémon Yellow :P
  13. Jaguarfire

    Why do you guys want regular evolutions over megas

    Am I the only one that actually likes Tangrowth, Magmortar, Rhyperior, Electivire, Probopass, Lickilicky, etc.? Anyways, some Pokémon need evolutions instead of Megas. For example, a Mega Evolution for Luvdisc would be useless and subpar at most. Pokémon like Luvdisc, Farfetch'd, Dunsparce...
  14. Jaguarfire

    Your favorite eevelution ?

    I have to go with my favorite Pokémon, Leafeon :3
  15. Jaguarfire

    For each Type, who's your favorite Gym Leader, E4, etc. that specializes in it?

    Normal: Whitney Grass: Gardenia Fire: Flannery Water: Wallace Electric: Volkner Flying: Falkner Bug: Burgh Poison: Janine Ground: Bertha Rock: Roark Steel: Jasmine Fighting: Marshal Psychic: Lucian Ghost: Morty Dark: Karen Fairy: Valerie Dragon: Drayden Ice: Candice