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  • If you want to say that Ray has channeler powers and use Batter as an NPC, you have my approval because that would be totes rad. But if you don't want to either you also have my seal of approval.
    Ooh! So the ghosts are basically being forced to fight. Because the lady who created them has the power to snuff them out too because she's a channeler. So I was thinking it would be rad if Ray could maybe learn how to remove the ties that bind them to their boss.
    All right, I'll be adding you then xD

    Ifyou really want to xD if anything Iwas surprised you hadn't asked to join before.
    Diran? anyways I'm asking cause we actually have this RP chat on skype wit a few of the members on here and I wanted to see if you wnated to join XD

    Also if you wanted to join BH :p
    Hey hey hey what did you have in mind for ghosts in Paranatural? I was gonna make it so that when someone dies, they leave a psychic imprint. 'Cause everyone in this setting has some PSI ability in them. And if enough people have strong feeling about them, their own latent PSI creates energy that merges with the imprint, making a ghost.

    Of course, if you had something different in mind, I can use that. But I'm planning on having the next episode be about ghosts, so I just want to make sure that what I'm planning doesn't conflict with your character.
    Yeah but I don't like the fact that the compiler is so anal about stuff like that xD
    Oooh that's cool, beats having to miss one and then spending 2 hours looking for where you missed it.

    div is CSS actually xD
    What do you use instead of the semi-colons then?

    I'm having trouble just learning to program in it >-> I still haven't practiced with it but I really don't get how I can use for and OOP in it.
    Ooooh you're learing Python? :O I still haven't touched that xD don't think I will in my university, how is it?

    I'm supposed to be practicing with PHP right now myself but...I've been distracted.
    I'm good, school's been kind of a drag so at least I have that complain >.< it's annoying.
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