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  1. jayrachi

    Theory: Gen Seven's Third Game

    It barely worked in G/S/C. While it was handled very nicely, the leveling curve had to adjusted a lot to make sure you weren't just level 100 through half the game.
  2. jayrachi

    Theory: Gen Seven's Third Game

    Oh. Eeeh, that would be a bit of a game design nightmare imo. I don't know how that could be done well unless you took the B&W2 route for battling all the previous Gym Leaders, Elite Four, etc a la the World Championship.
  3. jayrachi

    Shigeru Ohmori is the director of SM. Thoughts and opinions?

    Ohmori did pretty good with Pokemon Box. I trust him.
  4. jayrachi

    Theory: Gen Seven's Third Game

    Most complete?
  5. jayrachi

    Theory: Gen Seven's Third Game

    Besides that, Gen VI was already kind of a reboot in the first place. Another one so soon would be a little silly imo. Pokemon needs as much closure as Mario needs closure. It doesn't, Nintendo will keep making more Pokemon games until no one wants any more.
  6. jayrachi

    Generation VII confirmed!

    The American release of Red and Blue are actually the Japanese release of Blue, which was the updated third version for Japan (akin to Crystal/Emerald/Platinum). So it makes perfect sense to count Green.
  7. jayrachi

    Do you like that move effectiveness is now shown during battle?

    Too early to say. I'm curious as to how this change will reflect on the game design, if at all.
  8. jayrachi

    You know what it is

    Heya, welcome back!
  9. jayrachi

    First Ever Thread!

    Heya, welcome to the forums! Video games are pretty rad.
  10. jayrachi

    Which Main Series Games do YOU personally think had the best story?

    Gonna have to agree with a lot of people. Black and White had the strongest story, in my opinion. That said, I was impressed with ORAS and its ability to make me feel like the Pokemon world had an extensive backstory that actually mattered enough to connect them to X/Y.
  11. jayrachi

    radical party wins Greek election

    Europe gives Greece 5 days to avoid bankruptcy - The Washington Post
  12. jayrachi

    United States Politics

    Only candidate I feel worth voting for is Bernie Sanders, as per his praise of Nordic government (which has generally done a lot better than American government, imo). Unfortunately chances are Hillary Clinton is going to be nominated, and none of the Republican Party interest me either. Looks...
  13. jayrachi

    radical party wins Greek election

    At this rate, I feel it's likely that Greece will be ejected from the Eurozone, rather than them exiting. Southern European countries are an anchor for the Euro, Greece entered the process through fraud about their finances in the first place.
  14. jayrachi

    Contest: Seviper vs Serperior

    I tend to prefer Serperior's design overall, and its usefulness in battle is pretty high up there as opposed to Seviper.