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  • There you go. Have the guy in Kiloude city pokemon center check it's IV's and enjoy unless you know what the markings mean :)
    Edit: that's alright I don't need anything special.
    that's alright I'm not really in a rush it's just I don't like letting things hang in the air for too long.
    yes you do with Swak and Mienfoo. That's alright you don't have to give me anything in return. nice mii BTW xD

    edit:Not to be pushy but would you mind hitting the refresh button from time to time. So you can see i have responded.
    of course my fc is 1306 5694 6760 my safari is poison type. with seviper gardabor and whirlipede. I have some experience in previous generations but I'm also just starting out in x and y. I can offer a frokie with very good IV's to start you off and I'm willing to help you any way I can. can you trade?
    well that's good nice to be in the clear if only for a little while. :) oh how far along are you? you need anything I would be happy to help.
    Yeah for SS I got a Lugia figure. Yup cartridge holders oh and a little rag to clean your screen yay.... It's been a while how's life treating you?
    That would be great for you so I hope so. I also hope for a good pre order item this time. they used to give such nice things they gave out a cartridge holder for black and white but didn't give anything out for B2 and W2.
    *puts on shameless advertising hat*

    AnimeSuki forums :ksmile:

    Oh, and Hong Kong was great. Though I could feel summer crawling up there. :sweatlol:
    if there is enough demand for a 3ds emulator someone will make it. I usually buy both versions so I can play and do all the things the one that keeps my teams and one to reset so I can play again and to get more events to give out to people who cant get them. wow that is a lot for an old game was it new or used?
    Lol yeah I know what you mean I would end up buying both like I always do and that's getting really expensive. well I doubt it wont be long until they hack the 3ds. never played pokemon on an emulator can you trade pokemon?
    There are quite a number of them on the other forum. :ksmile:

    I've never actually heard Singlish even if I've been to Singapore twice. :sweatlol:
    That's a good question seeing how popular B2 and W2 were they may go with 2 direct squeals. I'm hoping for that since I really like B2 and W2. don't get me wrong I liked Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum but B2 and W2 felt like a whole new game which made me feel like it was really worth buying. what would you prefer?
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