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  • I like that sig of yours. Is that the continuing panel from your last one? It's great. :D
    I didn't understand what those bars meant. And I think so. There should be a thread here where you can ask to get your name changed.
    I don't get why Reagan and Bush had lower tax cuts than Clinton.

    What do you mean by that? =/

    Can you get name changes here in BMGf like in PC? =O
    Eh...sluggish, patiently waiting for Platinum. Heh, that's not surprising. I think this is what he needs, as crazy as it sounds.
    SO how are things...If you look at it the drop in Obama's polls is due to the drop in Republican support for him. XD
    To be blunt, I am neutral to it. I am neutral to all Ash-related ships. You can ignore what happened between me and that guy. He has no business to bash other members in this thread. Or else why would I be in it?
    Hi just wondering do u support pearlshipping? I'm just wondering its just I don't really know. (I don't want to argue or make u mad!) I don't really mind I just wanted to know because I'm just a little confused about the thread. :)
    Oh, so that's the message I got for some "referral". I didn't know what it meant. Thanks.
    Oh you don't remember how VM's work...You go to the other guys profile and type there! XD

    Thanks for telling me about the blogs. ^_^

    Eh I just like using honorifics for some reason. =P

    See ya!
    Oh hi. I knew that name was familiar, but didn't know you weren't in BMFG. Aw, that sucks. Yeah, it's my first blog a while ago. For your first blog, just click on someone else's, then on the left panel below the person's picture, there is a link for "your blog", etc. Hope that helps.

    By the way, you do not need to use honorifics when addressing me. :)
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