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  • Hey! Just wanted to say hi. So is real life getting in the way or are just not that interested in Pokemon anymore? I rarely see you here anymore.
    Oh, goodness, you're making me blush ^^; But thank you, it's very nice to hear from you - it's always a good thing to have influential veteran Advanceshippers such as yourself return to the thread :) In any case, how are you?

    And you know, i don't think we ever did get to that interview. Too busy before I suppose xD
    Advanced Evolution, as the title implies, evolves…
    It evolved into the new site, and most likely will evolve again in some shape or form…
    Curiosity killed the cat, they say. I had a big conversation with my veteran mother on it, talking about how they of all people were deployed in the Iraqi war, among many things.
    This friend is at my side.

    Is it not quite odd that these thumbnails are found in my suggestions of videos like this? Those, you know which two I'm talking about.
    Muahaha another person enlightened in the world of Raimei mehehe.
    The world is going well. I recently have joined into this world (even though I've been an AdvanceShipper since Season 9), so I can't speak on behalf of the last 1 1/2 years, but I can say this last half year has been great. I come on daily and fine some kind of update on here, a story update thrice monthly on Fanfic, and usually some kind of new fan art weekly anywhere. So basically this ship is still going strong :)

    Lol but for cereals now, look her up on Bulbapedia. She is only known via the games right now, but is SO. FREAKING. LEGIT. My profile on fanfic explains why.
    I've been good, thanks! The iCarly blog takes a bit out of my time, but I'm starting to get some recognition... How 'bout you?
    I wasn't quite sure if you received my email, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy 18th for yesterday, JB! *hugs* Take care, and I'll hope to talk to you soon. :)
    It's simply not the first time you've mentioned it. It seems more like you're criticizing the change, given your choice of words.
    Hey, JB; I won't be on YIM much often, but I'd just like to let you know that I'll be starting summer/Christmas break on the 26th; so we can catch up after then if you'd like. =)
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