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  • Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! You guys make being 26 just a little more bearable.:)
    When I typed how Zekrom could be Bahamut's cousin, why did you say this explained the colors for bw's box art?
    Reshiram and Zekrom's potential Formes might also be last-minute additions, with Reshiram switching its Fire type for Dark, and Zekrom - Electric for Light. As I've said before, it would explain the juxtaposition, which is something that needs clarification.

    Of course, the Pokémon that tend to be added last are the event-exclusive ones. Will Arceus' counterpart (720 base stat total) have a new type? It would make sense to distinguish it from Arceus that way.
    PokéBeach's source has mentioned a new type:


    He seems to know that the mention of a new type isn't helping his case, so why would he have chosen to make up something like that? Some people are pathological liars, though.

    A new type is actually the sort of thing that could be added at the last minute if Game Freak willed it. I wouldn't mind a repeat of Generation II with only six representatives of the new type.
    Do you mean all the new Pokémon revealed up until that point?

    Now the thread has been closed because apparently any new type would have been announced by now. How convenient.
    Do you recall at what point in Gold and Silver's pre-release period the then-new types were announced? I wasn't around back then and there are literally no active archives for this kind of information. I suspect that it happened a month or so prior to the games' release, and if so, it is a point worth mentioning in the thread.
    I just went down to the birthday page and I was all like "DUDE! IT'S JEFF'S BIRTHDAY! I'm GOING TO CELEBRATE DESPITE HIM BARELY KNOWING ME!!!" And then, I came to your page, and I posted this, and then I partied.

    So happy birthday.
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