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  • Im sorry, I never could do it. I tried, but failed so much. I really do think you would have to use an AR to get it so perfect in gen IV games because the time is just as important as the ID SID. It think most people use the instant egg hatch code for rnging. ^^; I got a few of the eevees bred for, but that's it. If you still want those few eevees I can trade those
    Hey, I'm reeeeally sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. It's been so long that I honestly don't even remember what it was we were set to trade for. When I wasn't actually able to play pokemon, Bulbagarden sort of shifted to the back of my mind and I didn't get on here really at all. But I'm back in business now, so if you're still looking for whatever it was you wanted, I'm sure I've still got it around if you'd like. (Or maybe I wanted something. I dunno XD) Anyway, once again, I'm sorry about not answering.
    To everyone I have trades pending with: I'm very sorry, but I am going to have to cancel trades for the time being. One, my daughter misplaced my DS that has my Black game in it and I have yet to find it, and two, I've been feeling rather sick lately.
    I'm sorry; I had a sleep study yesterday and didn't catch your message until today. Will you be able to trade today?
    Hey left a little early today (Not feeling too great. Next week wednesday, Thursday or Friday we can trade though. standard times)
    Hi, so sorry about the delay! I've been having crazy wifi issues lately. If you'd still like, I'm available to trade for the next few hours tonight, and all day tomorrow as well. I understand if you can't do the trade anymore, though. Sorry again!
    I still want the male Charmander and Meowth! I'll be on all day tomorrow, just send me a pm and I'll hop on. You wanted Heart Scales right?
    Yeah, there are heaps of great individuals out there who collect Pokemon that are willing to help out others, I think it is great. I certainly wouldn't have such an extensive collection if it wasn't for the kindness of others.

    I think I'll stick with the Singapore Pikachu. Now just to find a time when we are both online lol
    I am still blown away by your list of events :) Erm...I am between the Singapore Pikachu and the Time's Square Shaymin at the moment, I'll make up my mind eventually lol
    Hey no worries. When would be a good time for you to trade anyway? I am a bit more flexible this week due to not worrying about having to go to work lol
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