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  • In the same order:
    Yes, I am British :-D
    I have used to have all of the main games (including Colosseum and XD) but I don't have R/B/G/Y/G/S/C (yes, I had all seven of them) any more, and I lost my copy of Emerald :p. I also have some of the cards but I never use them. But I do like the art on them.
    I've only ever been to a GameStop once in my life, and that was in December...and in Germany.
    I used to play the recorder, too, and I played the violin for about two or three years, but then I moved away from where I had the lessons, and didn't have the chance to start again. Same goes for drums.
    I study Latin for GCSE. Thanks for showing an interest, anyway. This is my fourth consecutive year (but first year as far as the qualification's course is concerned).
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