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  • ...True. I'd never do it on my free time, but I still think it's fun to analyse the book, at least if the shit is good.
    Right, my first language is Swedish, English is my third, and as you can see, I'm far from being able to speak fluent. xP

    It needs Aura Sphere, agh. The Lucario in my OU team is a Sp. Att sweeper, and Aura Sphere is its ace move. BUT SINCE RIOLU CAN'T USE AURA SPHERE I CAN'T USE THE SAME AMAZINGnot really STRATEGY IN MY LC BATTLES!! >:O

    Dento: .....
    *Moves hand to Ash's chest*
    Dento: Oh Ash, it's something we ALL carry

    I seriously need a gif with Dento slapping her. That was just...amazing. That slap and the Wishfulshipping hint omgomgomg made that episode for me.
    BTW, you're still a Wishfulshipper, right? D:

    Lol, the reason to why Dento didn't react that way is simply because of the fact that he feel in love with her within first sight. Seriously, do people honestly think he'd move forward only to compliment Axew? Please. :p
    He's actually being rather optimistic during those kind of situations, just look at that those moments where the whole gang got zapped and their hair stood out. There is a bad boy living inside of him... I know it. Lol, yeah, I love how she acts so proud about it, like her snarky comment towards Georgia about Georgia not understanding the ''fashion'' with her hair. ;M
    Writing book reports are rather fun though, even though the fact that it's a homework kinda decreases the whole ''fun'' part with it. >_>''
    No need to worry though, I'll force either Gotpika or Tsutarja to proofread it for me, so that they'll be able to fix my grammar and etc. I forgot to mention that it's English. ^^;

    RIOLU IS WAY MORE AWESOME AND THAT'S A FACT ASFSFAGADA. Lucario's still pretty awesome though... :3
    I swear, THIS will happen;

    Iris: Kodomo ne, it already belongs to a Trainer
    Dent: OOOOOH, A RIOLU, THE AURA POKÉMON! Btw did you guys know that I'm an ''AURA SOMMELIER too?!?

    ..Okay, I won't force you to like Meloetta. That's a mission impossible in my book. Oh, and that could totally be because of Dawn ACTUALLY having a somewhat personality in BW? :p It was kinda forced, but y'know, it's better than the DP-Dawn.

    Yeah, I hate it how people acts like its natural to have that huuuuge hair and to add on it a Pokémon living inside of it too. They should be like ''OMG A TROLL''.
    Aww... My teachers bombed me with homework right away. >_>''
    I have to write a Book Report, although it's due for like 4 weeks, so that's okay. But I also have lots of Math that I'll need to do, which is a pain...

    OMG I KNOW. Riolu is my favorite Pokémon ever, and even though I love Lucario too Riolu probably takes the prize. I swear that I'd die if either Dento or Iris got one. screw Ash! Oh, and Dento totally has the aura inside of him, it just hasn't gotten the chance to show itself yet. :3
    Yeah... You made a good point there (Bye Jolteon ;;<). Leafeon is cool, it'd probably be the best choice for him considering that he actually is a Grass-type specialist after all, although I'm not sure if you can call him that with Pansage being his only Grass-type. xP Umbreon's cawl too, but I've had enough of it with Gary. :p

    You CAN'T hate anything if BW. That's impossible! :< You can dislike something (like Meloetta), but never hate anything! That's DP's territory. I mean, even Dawn was rather fun in BW, once she interacted with Dento and Iris that is. And Oshawott even made Piplup tolerable. I.e. BW perfoms miracles. :3 I actually liked how they got buddies so fast, although I must say that I agree... You'd think that Dawn, out of all people, would do smoething about it. She is a fashion-freak, she should totally have given Iris a makeover that'd give her the BW2 Champion-look, and then her Champion-theme would play in the background while Dawn did her magic. >x-D
    Ugh... Started yesterday, and I already miss summer a lot. Ugh. Goodbye summer, hello loads of homework T.T

    OMG Eevee would be such a perfect Pokémon for Dento! Although I was really hoping for him to get a Riolu, since that's my favorite Pokémon, but that doesn't seem to be the case considering that the kid appearing in the episode after the Junior Cup has a Riolu. D:< Eevee is awesome too though, as long as he evolves it to either Jolteon or Espeon, but I guess Leafeon would be the best choice for him. x3

    Lol, Meloetta is such a Mary Sue... Even though I neither like or dislike her I really, really wouldn't mind seeing her just disappear. And while she's at it, why not take Yawn and Piplup with her?

    I'm alright, a bit bitter about school starting in two days though... I really didn't miss homework at all. >_>''
    You? ^^

    Excited about the upcoming TR arc? *Drools*
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