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  • Haha, I used to do the same thing before I found those episodes online. I kind of have some good hopes about season 2 because of the lack of excitement I got watching season 1. Not sure whether or not I'll buy BW 2 we'll just have to see.
    Likewise, I rarely watch it at all anymore at the most I read the summary of the episode on a website and only if I think its interesting do I even bother to look it up online.
    I found it on the B2W2 forums, but I just scrolled through quickly. x3

    I saw the picture of gym leaders and the Shadow Triad... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    Yeah you got a way with posts XDD Yeah, not missing much I mean when those marathons come on you can catch em then!
    OMG... I. NEED. TO. KNOW.
    I'm so friggin' close in checking it out on the forums now, but so far I've been able to resist... GAH. Y U DO THIS TO ME?!
    Breaks are like the best thing ever... <3

    OMGOMGOMG, DON'T SPOIL!! Memory Link thing!? :O
    Okey, crap... I've been trying to stay away from spoilers from B2W2, but as this is a Pokémon forum I've already been exposed to lots of them, and my curiosity just hit the top... GAH!
    You have a dento-licious mind! XD AWWW he did that? D': OH MY GOD, THAT'S SO CUTE!!!!! I need to look at the pics for that episode or something

    Yeah, all the main girls got flashbacks or in insight of what their childhood was like. (LOL "what do you mean babies arent brought in from the magic peliper") He looked a BIT different too! Like, not so mean and innocent XDDDD But that was like, a year ago at most. I want chibi Paul to appear. I bet you he was even happier before Reggie screwed over his life XD (though I never see him as the CHIPPER type...just maybe a bit more amicable). Neither have I, but I'm glad they actually expanded on pignite's story :3 Well...Iris is a bit questionable XD I don't think she has any room to talk since she travels by fine, as hair bigger than she is, and carries around a little dragon in it :p You should watch it! It's only 12 episodes long, the last one is airing this week XD





    djfhjdsg MY POOR BBS





    *cries* Okay that makes me feel a bit better about the striaton dark triad theory being debunked XD
    I'm doing just fine, trying to enjoy my break to the fullest (which means lots of Pokémon :p).

    Judging by your ''new'' name, as well as Avatar, I guess your still a huge fan of Dento, right? :)
    GAAAH I feel like every time I talk to you I get like a billion more fanart ideas lolololol, that's just precious!! He's like an overprotective daddy~~

    I'm tired of waiting, we got to see a flashback of pretty much ALL of the main characters when they were younger (except maybe Max, but if we were to go back any further, he might be an embryo or something). I mean....they never gave us a Paul flashback, I DEMAND COMPENSATION!!!! >:S OMGGGGG!!!! I STILL need to watch the Suwama episode XDD I saw the screencap and I was like...FINALLY, someone pointed it out!! Same here, but I don't expect the majority of the episode to be that exciting...just detective dento parts XD Speaking of fishing, have you seen the series Tsuritama? It's super cute; it's basically about a group of boys who go fishing XD (it's a lot better than it sounds, I promise!)

    I LOVE that blog, I wish it would update ;_;

    I've experienced category 1 hurricanes, but that's about it. I have no idea what would happen in a stronger one, it sounds scary @[email protected];;
    Haha, yeah I know the feeling haven't been on or chatted with anyone in awhile I just made a couple of threads and that's about it.
    That's right...he would do that to Cilan, lol. "BRO, I'm just gonna let Stunfisk and Basculin "play" for a while, is that okay."

    Same, I was actually disappointed when I played the games and Anime!Dento wasn't on my screen :( Yeeeessss, something like that! I mean, I hear a lot of stories from my more "fabulous" friends that when they were younger, they were bullied or quiet and shy, but one day...it just HIT them, "I'M FABULOUS DAMMIT, AND I SHOULD LET PEOPLE KNOW." So it's not that unrealistic of a theory XD I know, he has so many other interests other than Pokemon which is awesome!! And at the same time, he's so very knowledgeable about pokemon and it's hard to separate the two from association XD Still, I actually get excited whenever we get to hear another one of Dento's hobbies ^_^ I like how the writers are continuous with them too, like he'll reference fishing or science or detectiving (lol) even if it's not focused on it.

    I live in north fl right now Dx At least it's not a hurricane XD
    Well, they're owned by their brother's so it's like Twincest...IN SPIRIT though if anything, that just fuels the fandom along XD

    He's so nervous and he stutters and I'm like u poor bb, shhh u need a hug? :( I want to see both versions integrated into one canon...so maybe Cilan was a shy little guy when he first started or something?? IDK, anime cilan looks like he was fucking BORN that way XDD Maractus also has cotton guard, though XD and what I don't get is that if maractus has a high spatck, why does cilan make it physically offensive with a muscle band? what are you doing cilan XDDDD I'm a sweeper, I don't have enough strategy to battle defensively XDDD

    lol pikachu was still feeling jetlag, he also lost to a leaf snake thing that was just acquired from a n0000b :p omg your mom is awesome and potentially correct XDDDD

    LOL yeah. Where I am right now is pretty much as inland as you can get in Florida, and there are still PUDDLES OF DOOM everywhere. In my home town, however, which is close to the bay, you can see stuff like this:
    Holy shit, it's a good thing you're not in Florida right now, Tropical Storm Debby is really being a Debby Downer =_='''

    It's raining so hard that people are using kayaks to get around town XD
    Noooooooo, that's like...INCEST!!! XDDD (kinda)

    HOMG, maybe game!dento grew a spine and looked inside his heart and brought out the faaaaabulous bishie he was truly meant to be!!!! or maybe anime!cilan just knocked some sparkles into him YES, they should PAAAAYYY for their poor judgement XD though, I kinda agree that working with a defensive partner can be a bit hard at times XD

    dfjkshajklfhasdfnNOOOOOOOOOOOO ;_; I mean....they're not even that weak in the anime XD Ash couldn't beat Cress! I can't see them losing their license any time soon...unless...they had less time to dedicate to their gym because of their..."other" activities....shadow triad strip clubbing
    LOL I saw that in Don's blog (and commented accordingly XD)

    I think that that Stunfisk and Ash's Palipitoad....uh, got a bit PROCREATIVE, don'tya thank? XDDDDD
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