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  • I was thinking the same thing because Buizel literally took a Volt Tackle! and still got back up. Though if he did have it I think Pikachu would have to be used against Gardenia; Staravia, Turtwig and Pikachu because Buizel wouldn't be the best choice and Aipom would be with Dawn. Unless Ash caught it on his own.

    Gible was fun, wish it would have mastered Draco Meteor earlier or evolved at some point it was like the retarted horse from Family Guy with its blank stare. Turtwig should have started a Turtwig if its victories would decrease I mean it could have been a badass like Bulbasaur.
    Yeah, just wish that it just didn't lose the use of Water Pulse. It should have had a better moveset. My least favorite Buizel fight is the one against Kenny's Empoleon because Ash was just using Flint's battle style as a test drive. I loved the scene when it intercepted Drill Peck epic!! I also enjoyed how it went all Sonic Riders when it dodged Cross Poison after it blocked Pin Missle with Counter Shield.

    Yeah, the BF voices got on my nerves I didn't like them at all really...to tell the truth Grovyle didn't have to evolve I liked it the way it was. I mean if Sceptile got more attention like its other forms then I could stomach it more. Sort of like Paul's Electavire.

    Infernape was cool, but yeah it was overused just a tad bit...the backstory makes up for that in most cases.
    Awesome, Buizel is cool well I like Ash's Buizel like I enjoyed his Treecko/Grovyle. Both loners, cool, one had a twig in its mouth the other played the saxophone lol, both got in some great wins and battles (or at least until Buizel battled in Byron's gym and from there went downhill except for the episode where it learned Ice Punch or beat Paul's Gastrodon).

    Looking forward to your thoughts on things.
    Hehe i can get what what you mean.I also dont like when something is spoiled for me before i even watched it though sometimes new titles and previews are too much enticing that i cant resist attemption.
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