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Recent content by JennaJayfeather

  1. J

    Who do you ship Barry with?

    I ship Barry with Dawn, Ash and Paul. XD
  2. J

    Favorite Shipping Moments?

    My favorite pairing is Wishfulshipping, and my favorite moment would have to be: <33
  3. J

    Review BW088: Sommelier Detective Dent! The Mystery of the Missing Kumasyun!!

    bAAaH I loved this episode. ;-; Dento sulking made my day(s) just like Tamaki then when Iris was all: Iris: Friends can be a pain, but that's what makes it fun, right Dento? Dento: *bolts up* fofahghugaga HAAAAI~ He's like a little puppy dog. I enjoyed this episode. Dawn made me laugh with...
  4. J

    How do you feel about the anime's character designs?

    I like the character's designs. Also, I don't see the point of picking on the characters that are based off of the Sugimori art...:/ They really don't have much control over how they can look. xD But I don't like many of the COTD's..they just look so....bland. ^^; I almost wouldn't mind if...
  5. J

    Wishfulshipping - Iris/Dento shipping thread

    Heya Paul, long time no chat. XDDD Actually that's really interesting as I remember Lenora calling him "Sommelier Boy" in the Japanese version too. I've thought of them being like Lenora and Hawes before because in a way they kind of are like them. (It helps that I've seen comics teasing...
  6. J

    Preview BW088: Sommelier Detective Dent! The Mystery of the Missing Kumasyun!!

    There are something that are not meant to be said in this world. "THE WORLD OF FISHING ISN'T EASY." =P Picking on Fishing Sommelier Dento is a no no. I hope this time in this episode Dento wears his trench coat. xD Like Detective Dento is adorkable...but he's quite amazing in his head. XD He...
  7. J

    Best Wishes ratings in Japan

    Eventually. :P Times are changing now. I personally really like Best Wishes. Sure. I don't watch every episode, but I don't think ratings make a season good or bad. :/ That's just my opinion. Are you guys trying to point out that the show sucks now compared to DP or whatever saga, or is this a...
  8. J

    Best Wishes ratings in Japan

    Omg the ratings really aren't that important. People who miss the episodes can buy them on DVD. derp. Who buys episodes anymore? There's DVR. XD
  9. J

    Which is better: DP or BW?

    I don't know. It just felt too serious at times, like it was trying to have this "drama" about it, but to me, it just made it feel childish (as in more of a child trying to act "grown up" when it doesn't have to). Perhaps, I was growing out of it then...but I could only focus on episodes when...
  10. J

    What is your favorite Episode/Movie/Special?

    You know....I'll just agree with this. XDDDD PRETTY MUCH FoR THE SAME REASONS. Though my favorite special would be "Legend of Thunder."
  11. J

    Which is better: DP or BW?

    O.O ... BW. If anyone can sit down and drink tea without sitting in a chair, it pretty much confirms an epic series of adventure, wonder, and humor. :D
  12. J

    Review BW080: Pokémon Sommelier Showdown! Tasting Battle!!

    That's because nicking a Purrloin in the toe and blasting off Cabernet is a great way to get RID of your fear. :D He didn't get over it, he merely sucked it up and sent out an offensive Pokemon to OBLITERATE it. XD I really hope they do go into his fear. It made me more interested now by the...
  13. J

    Wishfulshipping - Iris/Dento shipping thread

    Ikr? That tumblr is really cute. I love how sparkly and wonderful it is (besides just the Wishfulness of it ) and I always play around with the sparklez. XD Oh man I know. I've drawn some fanart of these two. I have lots more that I just am too lazy to scan. XD Though, shippy art isn't really...
  14. J

    Wishfulshipping - Iris/Dento shipping thread

    Wow I come on bulba and I was SUMMONED i just wondered who was replying to me and it took me to this place XD Why do you think Iris gets hungry when she talks about romance? Scientifically thinking, I think it's because she has an adrenaline rush similar to Dento's overly passionate self...
  15. J

    So what do you actually *like* about Best Wishes?

    Dento lol x100 Really though I don't have many complaints about the series...actually I don't think I have any. I just watch it because it makes me happy...but somethings that I like (without rambling on about Dento...SPPf people know how much I go about him there...somehow I don't have as much...