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  • ;D :D :)
    Yeap. It is almost 200$ but as you said I hopefully will find one. And yes 69 si better than none :) .
    xD. I asked because I want to befriend some of the users here and if they have any account I would like to follow the there. :) Well I also have a Youtube account and I have some videos with Pokemon there.
    Let me suscribe in your channel, if you want, and you suscribe in mine, ok ? ;D
    Oh.. :( wel.. I am really sorry. :/ I hope you are good now :).
    Well I am trying to find a good price for a 3DS in the internet so that I can buy it, maybe. At first I got dissapointed from the numbers of pokemon that they introduced in this generation, but know I can agree with that. So maybe in the near future :p I can also have X and Y :)
    It's a nice name. Hahah well to be fair I also am somehow darky in me :p
    Hey..btw..do u have instagram ?
    I was going to get Y for Christmas, but my uncle forced my cousin not to give it to me at the last second. :\ So I'm just going to wait for Z.
    Oh..Hi there Darky. :p Welcome back. You got the games!? That's awesome.. I have been fine thanks. You?
    Btw..happy new name :p ;) :D
    You mean...like this :p lol I couldn't find one with a male and a female drinking tea :p

    I thin it will be male bcoz in a screenshot I saw one male that was somehow the leader.

    Sorry for replying so late :P have been busy..hey by the way... 1DAY LLLLEEEFFFFTTTT XDDDDD
    I met Kazie Rogers who Voices Wobbuffet in the English DUB in person when I saw the 14th Movie in Theaters 2 Years Ago
    I see we have another Dark Type fan.That is great; not many like them. I include one of my team (or 2) with a dark type. BTW wold you like to trade? Or exchange friend codes?
    I will get mine later too. D: I've been good too. I just started University yesterday. Was a bit boring but somehow interesting :p
    ...so we will get to talk about the latest X and Y news ;D ;D
    Next Thursday is when I am FINALLY DONE WITH Cross Country and then I CAN JUST RELAX AFTER SCHOOL AND PLAY XY.
    This sounds kinda familiar to me. Hmm..who may be ; p
    Hahahh..*smiley* Hi there..; D
    You just vanishe in nothing...sometimes. :p anyway
    Happy to see you again...there is a plenty of new XY info leaked in here.
    By the way, how have you been? :)
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