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Jersey Jimmy
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  • Having a character limit for profile posts kinda sucks, especially when you're reviewing a fanfic through them so you don't clog up the thread. This is why I don't like Twitter.
    I suppose so. I'm rather fond of a bit of trippiness here and there. Originally that chapter was going to take place at the Ruins of Alph, I think
    Bwahaha. I think I've annoyed nearly every reader with that dream sequence now. I tried to translate it into French once, as well
    Fourteen was short. About, oh, 2,000 words I think. I never quite got the pacing of those few chapters right, though I certainly stand by the progression of the two protagonists. I dunno, maybe I just feel like there aren't enough poké-protagonists with common sense
    I fear you may be disappointed if you're after erm

    I can't really take on any more beta reading at present. As it is I'm reading for two stories
    Regarding the Capture Spear - as far as I recall it used to be part of a sub-plot about Josh not being able to pitch worth a damn, playing around the oddity that no-one seems to outright miss when throwing a Poké Ball. Josh being Josh, he was going to simply make a tool to solve the problem rather than constantly practice. I think I cut the sub-plot for space and repurposed the idea. Oh, hang on ... it's possible it may have been inspired by Pokémon Special
    Amazing o.o You really are a fan, and I bet you are a long time fan!. I am not gonna lie I just watched WWE and UFC since it's what airs there. >.>;

    You a wrestling fun huh? :D Besides Hardy is there any other?
    I'll be sending you the repair bill costs if anything did break. :p

    And I'm fine, how are you?
    Just cause an RP's start up has been posted doesn't mean you can't join, people jump in the middle of it a lot o fthe time it's just a matter of talking to the GM of said RP, but again it's your choice.
    *shrugs* it honestly depends on people but I honestly recommend joining other people's RPs :p people are most likely to join an RP of someone they've at least seen or heard of before or talked to or been in other RPs with.
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