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Jersey Jimmy
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  • What does that have to do with a person with no limbs? Just how would you go about "hanging" them on a wall, and why would such a thing be considered art?
    Har har, you gonna come up with a clever shipping name now? Anyway, I maintain that the trick with action is to use a few good details. I studied Dan Abnett, he does really good action sequences. And mental note, look again at that PM
    Aah, did not know that and subsequently proved i'm a geek. (Although depressed loner does describe Teen Titan Raven accurately, so you can see where i got that idea.)

    What section is that in because i've never heard of it? There are so many parts to this forum i don't actually use it's criminal.
    Does Sabrina really need a 'gimmick'? She is a psychic, an esper if you will. A gym leader in Kanto and an actress in Unova. her personality comes off as serious and intellectual enough to have designed that teleporter maze.

    just to be clear, when you say Raven, you mean DC character of the Teen Titans, right? As for the prejudice thing, Sabrina's a loner but i think that's more by choice. (I am of course referring only to game canon here.)
    I'm not into pro wrestling. You mean like WWE? I think John Cena & CM Punk are hot, that's about it.
    Quick response! I'll admit, setting is my strong suit, though in the case of Longwater I more or less took it from Celebi: Voice of the Forest. I'm quite pleased with the Interlude - I think most of that came to me in the shower

    No, he hasn't as yet, though I wouldn't be surprised if the group is looking to write one. Eve was, one monster of a 9,000 word battle
    Oh good. I don't follow fics but if you tell me where it's posted i'l have a look. I'm writing a serial fiction atm, just started part 3 and had to restart 3 times just because i wasn't happy with the direction it was taking. I'd be up for giving constructive criticism if you like, as a fellow learner of writing i could share tips.

    BTW, this is a little bit the booze talking, but i kinda fancy you. (You don't have to tell me, i know it doesn't make sense.)
    You are on my 'friends' list and we've messaged in the past 6 months. I felt it warranted a message to all both of you. (The other is Rabbit, FYI.)

    So, whaddup, sweet thang?
    Just letting you know, i changed my username. Formerly PickleMendip (and still am on many other websites).
    Since I'm one of Cornova's prereaders, I'll be willing to help work with your story to fit it into canon.
    - So why didn't they just drop the bomb and have done with it? Stupid evil villains.
    - I'd like to think Muk would be frozen solid by Aurora Beam...but hey, at least we get to see what it takes to take down some of their Pokemon.
    - ...only for that Pokemon to go down like a bitch.
    - Because using Poke Balls worked so well last time.
    - OH COME ON. That is fucking bullshit, Sabrina. That is fucking bullshit and you fucking know it.
    - Sometimes with how much of an assholes are, I wonder if the good side is morally really any better...
    - More bullshit, the heroes don't get to suffer any permanent loss due to time bullshit. Boo!
    - Was unsatisfied with Giovanni's fate. No redemption, no fate worse than death, just an unlikeable psychopath going ham on him.

    - No "I like Pepsi" reference?
    - Good luck quitting smoking, Flannery. You'll need it from what I've seen.
    - Huh, wouldn't think someone like Sabrina would have promiscuity rumors about her.
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