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Recent content by Jez

  1. Jez

    Preview JN033: Would You Like To Do a Pokémon Trade?

    I sincerely hope that Kojirou captures Morpeko because he is the only character left without having his own Pokemon. Why? Is it forbidden for a member of Team Rocket to be a very good trainer actually ? It breaks the « Pokemon go « spirit I guess ...
  2. Jez

    Preview JN033: Would You Like To Do a Pokémon Trade?

    I think it's the starving Team Rocket themselves that are drawn by the scent of the Sweet Honey
  3. Jez

    Review JN031: Hinbass's Beautiful Scale

    I'm going to be rough in my words but the scene of Meowth attacking this baby girl's Hinbass was really so much violent , as much that I swear than if I was a newbie in the anime, not a fan of the Rocket trio and if I didn’t know who they really are in their hearts (thanks to past series) I...
  4. Jez

    Preview JN035: Get Pikachu

    Maybe Goh will capture a Mimikkyu hidden among the pikachu...
  5. Jez

    Preview JN032: Celebi: A Timeless Promise

    As soon as I saw the pictures , the expression and "Tokio" eyes reminded me of Kojiro. Since Celebii allows time travel, imagine Tokio was the little Kojiro from the past under a fake identity (in disguise with a wig) one of the time he was running away from his home (I need to dream)
  6. Jez

    Preview JN028: Sobbing Messon

    It would be great , I hope , but because it’s the « newbie » writer of the episode 8 Michihiro Tsuchiya my expectations for the Team Rocket trio are very low for this episode ... Their role in episode 8 was really bad - a poor version of fillers BW-XY Rocket’s , nothing more .. I hope that in...
  7. Jez

    Pokefan info concerning a few future episodes has been translated

    I want a leak about the Team Rocket episode.... TT_TT a little picture or whatever, just a little something... Please...
  8. Jez

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    Nothing about the Team Rocket épisode? TT_TT
  9. Jez

    Preview JN024: Take a Break! Rocket-dan!

    This summary sounds wonderful
  10. Jez

    Review JN019: I Am Metamon!

    Did Kojirou say he sniffed his socks to ease his anxiety? (that's what i thought i understood XD)
  11. Jez

    Review JN019: I Am Metamon!

    It felt so good to find the individuality and intact personalities of Musashi and Kojiro. This episode was an absolute good surprise. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Megumi Hayashibara, I hope that now that they have been repaired here, their characters will continue to be so good...
  12. Jez

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    I would like a Whynaut egg for James....
  13. Jez

    Preview JN019: I Am Metamon!

    Personally I do not dare to express myself too much on this subject because I’m afraid to seem too critical in the eyes of the other fans who seem to appreciate them in this series ... perhaps because of the beautiful hints of rocketshipping, I’m glad of that too but... but me, personally, I do...
  14. Jez

    Preview JN019: I Am Metamon!

    Being a fan of Team Rocket I should be super happy to finally see an episode dedicated to them, it is the case .... but ... ..... I absolutely did not find this preview catchy ... It’s a real disappointment for me. TT_TT I guess I don't really have to take a real value in the sad feeling I get...
  15. Jez

    Preview JN019: I Am Metamon!

    I hope it’s a crossdressing episode