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Jo The Marten
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  • Have you ever been walking down a lonely road with the sound of depression and despair ringing in your ears, only to turn a corner and see the lowest class of life in the city, and feel like you're one of them? You go back to your little corner store, knowing that no one is coming in today, but you feel compelled to sweep the floor anyway just in case someone does. You go for a walk and happen upon a curious item that, despite it's unusual and hefty needs, is something you can't live without. And then one day, when you least expect it, it just rears it's ugly head, bigger than ever, and yells HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JO!
    Whoa, holy smokes XD ! It's so much awesome. I literally cannot stop listening to the soundtrack. It was really cool, I went to a workshop on it with one of my friends where we were taught more specifics on acting with it as an example, did some singing, and got a talk on the background of it, and then got to go to a production of it for really cheap ^-^ . Even though in these workshops we almost always get seated in the back (as getting into the shows through them is such a steal) but for this one they seated us in the front row :D ! It was so cool being so close to the actors.
    *Soft screaming.* Mmm- hi there I like just went and saw Little Shop of Horrors and got kinda really obsessed with it and I'm happy to see someone so enthusiastic about it yeah. Ah, I've found the club too! Your collection is quite impressive.
    Hey. I just wanted to say thanks, for giving me the cold hard truth. I just removed her from all of my social connections, to no longer bother her. It was really embarrassing, but I had to do it. Again, thank you.

    Ooo, I finally got to read Past Life. :D Still eagerly awaiting the Anne comic.
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