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Recent content by Jo The Marten

  1. Jo The Marten

    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Nope, they're right. Foongus's page is stating that Amoonguss confuses Foongus by constantly disguising himself.
  2. Jo The Marten

    Official BMGF Picture Thread Vol. 4

    Re: Official BMG Picture Thread Vol. 4 To go along with my theme for the day.
  3. Jo The Marten

    How Canadian Are You?

    How Canadian am I? Well, let me show you, eh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJE3EgTGg9k
  4. Jo The Marten

    Help Crediting a Voice Actor

    We stopped playing by ear ages ago. People hear different things, so now adding voices are required to have an official source. With Kerry Williams, various official sources announced Kerry's return to Pokemon. One suggestion would be messaging Tom Wayland on Twitter. He's pretty friendly, and...
  5. Jo The Marten


    I'll partake! I only have Modern Vivillon, but I'd like to get them all!
  6. Jo The Marten

    Voice actor for the English Pokémon dub gets married: Wedding bells ring for Pokémon

    Re: Voice actor for the English Pokémon dub gets married: Wedding bells ring for Poké I'd be happy to report any other marriages that occur! Jamie's just happened to be a very recent event, so it managed to get reported. It wouldn't make sense to write an article for someone whose wedding...
  7. Jo The Marten

    Preview M16: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens

    Re: M16 "Extreme Speed Genesect Mewtwo's Revival" I like how it looks exactly like the existing poster.
  8. Jo The Marten

    Describe your dream guy/gal!

    Personality and skills -Sweet and kind -Smart -Likes similar video games as me -Is willing to play games with me -Can cook (I'm not that good, plus it's nice to not have to do it ALL the time) -Patient -Not clingy, is willing to give me space every so often Appearance -Taller than me...
  9. Jo The Marten

    What is it like...to feel.loved?..

    I think people are mistaken sometimes, as they think only couples can love. They don't realize that their families and friends love them too. So this whole, "I'll never love someone cause it's stupid," is silly because you love your parents, your siblings, your friends. There's more to love than...
  10. Jo The Marten

    Movies/TV What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Re: What TV show are you currently watching? Well. I'm not watching American Idol anymore. My friend was kicked off. :< But he's already got connections and ties in the industry so he doesn't need AI anyway.
  11. Jo The Marten

    Movies/TV What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Re: What TV show are you currently watching? A friend of mine from high school is on American Idol this season, so I'm watching it to support him. :-)
  12. Jo The Marten

    The Join Avenue Thread!

    Alright, we got all the Gym leader quotes. Check it out!
  13. Jo The Marten

    Jo's art from beneath her rock

    First time drawing Xerneas.
  14. Jo The Marten

    The Join Avenue Thread!

    If anyone sees Cheren, I want to know if he'll go to the cafe, or nursery. Also, we're just missing Roxie's request on the Join Avenue article, so if anyone sees her, lemme know exactly what she says and where you put her.
  15. Jo The Marten

    The Join Avenue Thread!

    Hey guys! I'm doing some work to Bulbapedia's Join Avenue page, and I'd like your help! For everyone who gets a visit from a Gym Leader, could you please send me what their request is via PM? I also ask that people send me an image of their game as proof, don't just tell me what they say, that...