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  • i know that you will litterly never read this. BUTTT you never did give me back my clones lol
    Thought I'd leave you a memo here - you were inactive for too long, and I joined forces with EonMaster to run a shop. If you'd like, you may join.
    It's been a very long time... are you still around? Reply ASAP when you get online!
    Dude, we really need to check our Pokémon lists for hacked Pokémon! If there's a shiny Deoxys with OT GOD from cyrus106, that's a hack. So are the shiny Rayquaza and Ho-Oh from the same guy!
    It looks like we're on pretty different time schedules. I'll try to catch you tomorrow morning (I'm not sure when that would be for you). Hopefully we can work out the trade soon
    Hey. Jarooda told me to VM you cuz ud realize it faster. I want ur Flawless Hacked Shiny EV'd Aerodactyl and Flawless Hacked Shiny EV'd Charizard. What might u want for them?
    Hi there. I just wanted to see if you'd like to complete our trade from your shop. I should be availible in about an hour or two from posting this and I'll be on most of the night. Thank you
    My Shiny Altaria, Drifblim, Lickilicky, Luvdisc, Azumarill, Grumpig for junk. It was a giveaway
    Hey Jodi. Manaphy is the only pokemon i need to complete my dex and i was wondering if you'd be able to trade me one. i don't really have any event pokemon i can trade to you, but i was wondering if i could trade you a Heatran and an Articuno for it?? it's okay if you can't. both pokemon are UT
    hi Jodi, i sent you a friend request. and i also made a post on your shop. i thought i'd VM you, as although i'm sure you check you thread, i'd have a better chance of you noticing if i also VM'd you. i am looking for a shiny Deoxys. i notice that you didn't have a shiny rattata or shiny Fearow and i could offer you one of those for it if you wanted. how does that sound?? i hope you're interested.
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