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  • Have you heard the incredible news? Mr. Vasquez is working on some Squee shorts, and based on how successful they become, he's going to create a Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac movie!
    Yes. I've purchased ten Invader ZIM shirts, an Invader ZIM bag, Invader ZIM pajama bottoms, an Invader ZIM bandana, two Invader ZIM jackets, and various other related nick-knacks. I also mailed a 3,000 word letter to Nickelodeon in favor of continuing the show. I guess one could say I've developed a slight fondness for it:drowsy:.
    I was wondering if you enjoyed Invader ZIM as well? I'd intended to keep my JtHM avatar, but I decided to change it in honor of Lucille Bliss. She was an amazing Ms. Bitters, and despite her character she became close to everyone's heart.
    Agreed. Strangely enough though, I was getting some peculiar looks while reading the seventh issue at dance class. Maybe they admired that I was reading nice happy comics like they did. One boy even told me he was 'seriously concerned.' It was nice to know that he cared about me.
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