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Johnny Boy
Last Activity:
Apr 16, 2018 at 5:08 AM
Jan 21, 2011
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September 12
Angel Island

Johnny Boy

Member, from Angel Island

Johnny Boy was last seen:
Apr 16, 2018 at 5:08 AM
    1. SquishyFace
      I'm giving you a hug because of your Avatar

      I love Knuckles
    2. Morru
      I am also a proud Sonic and Pokémon fan.

      *points at both our sigs* :)
    3. TwilightBlade
      sawnic addvenshur thwee

      I really don't know what to post sometimes on a Sonic forum. D: Pokemon forums are more fun.
    4. TwilightBlade
      Yeah... So many rumors going around. I quite liked episode 2, compared to episode 1. Is that saying much? Haha. I didn't get Transformed, so I've been pretty unsatisfied with my Sonic gaming. :[
      I haven't been on SSMB in so long. I'm a nobody there, though. Same on Sega's official forums. A big nobody. I guess I'm cool in the Pokemon fandom, though. :3
    5. TwilightBlade
      I've been a Sonic fan since the Sega Genesis! I have no idea about how Sonic 2013 will fare. I don't exactly want to buy a WiiU either, if it happens.
      Oh yes, I love it! It's adorable!
    6. TwilightBlade
      Heya! How are you? I am a Sonic fan too. o/
    7. Twylis
      Ohai Johnneyh (. .)
    8. Owain
      cuz imma stalker!
      refering to your location xD~!
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  • About

    September 12
    Angel Island
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation VI (3DS)
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Infernape / Goukazaru
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    Favorite Region:
    Hoenn / Hōen
    Favorite Gym Badge:
    Humilau City Wave Badge
    3DS Friend Code:
    Playing Pokemon (obviously, lol), Track, listening to music, writing


    Deviantart: JohnSLPaul

    2ds FC: 1478-4291-7605
    Friend Safari Type: Fairy

    My Blog:
    John's Lair