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  • NO! I was playing with pokemon fan's use of the words "a couple" that HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MAJORITY RULE. I AM SMART OKAY. QUIT "CALLING ME OUT" BEFORE YOU KNOW WHAT I'm SAYING. GOSh
    Okay, can you trade this weekend sometime? I'm having issues with my computer (using my brother's). Thanks.

    PS: My computer won't start back up, so I don't know what else is wrong with it. :(
    I couldn't get my shiny Mewtwo cloned, sorry. :(

    But I have extra regular Mewtwo's on my Pearl if you want one of those instead.
    Well, to be fair I did think that the Grand Line was some horrible place (judging how all the characters were implying so by their reactions to anyone who wanted to go there) until they showed Don Krieg's ships getting destroyed by Dracule Mihawk. I noticed that the ships were just fine, it was only one person doing it and the sea seemed equal to that in East Blue. But yeah, at this point in the series there's not much that I know of the Grand Line (no need to reveal me anything, I want to enjoy it by myself). Of course, since I can only know what happened up to this early point in the anime it'd be obvious I would make assumptions from words of some horrified guys :p
    I go through the same exact thing. That being said, I am guessing, (judging by the Baratie Arc) that you thing the Grand Line is instant death. Untrue, but it is a common misconception. While it is very dangerous, it isn't frequent and doesn't often occur unless someone sticks their nose into something. In fact, theirs worser places than Paradise.
    And the Arlong Arc is off to a great start, since now I know why Nami was getting all that sack for. Initially I thought it was her trying to reach the Grand Line, but she was actually bringing it to Arlong!
    But, as usual, my interest will wear off as the arc progresses. I hope not this time.
    I've watched the episodes 31 and 32 today. It was interesting to see Nami leaving the gang for a short time and while the Captain Krieg was fighting the restaurant I completely forgot Usopp and Zoro were chasing her, leaving me worried until the end of the arc :D
    Usually my enjoyment of the arcs has been like this: in the first half of an arc I'm on the edge of the seat and curious to know what's gonna happen next. Then, around 50-70% of it it I feel a little too much drag for my taste and can't enjoy the latter half of it as much as the 1st. But I'm still enjoyng the storyline very much.
    There's one complaint from my part: in one episode of the Baratie Arc, at the end of it, they spent like 2-3 MINUTES doing still shots of Luffy and Don Krieg facing each other in the battle. I felt like they were wasting screentime, even though I know it was most probably because they wanted to finish the episode exactly where they wanted. But I still found that annoying.
    Now that you mentioned i noticed lot of hate going for 4kids.Mostly for a good reason,though i wouldnt put blame on them for everything.
    It would have been a very, very good joke. :D

    You know what was pretty funny? When people thought Boa Hancock was Luffy's mother. Now the theories shifted towards Crocodile being Luffy's mother.
    I noticed your a one piece fan.I used to watch this show long ago,one of better ones for sure.

    I also find it interesting that Oda originally planned that anime ends after 5 years eventually enjoying too much in stoyline that he decided to prolongue it.
    They both dragged on, I guess. I liked Arabasta more, personally, because the villains were interesting. I felt that Skypia's characters in general (save for Enel and Gan Fall) were rather dull after a while.
    The Whitebeard Saga was a bitch near the end. I know the New World is the other half of the Grand Line, but I'm fearing it'll drag out like the Whitebeard and Skypia Sagas.

    I hope they get new crew members soon. :D

    We don't know yet - all they've done so far is re-unite after two years, Sanji nearly bleeds to death, and make it to Fishman Island, blah blach blach, girl gets eaten by shark.
    Well, the New World saga is going to last awhile, because after all, it is a precursor to everything else in that region, just like East Blue. If anything is trodding along, its the Whitebeard War Saga, but thats another story. In the manga, where does OP go from it's current position?

    What I do think will happen is that they end up drifting into North Blue and meet up with the Sarayuma Alliance and preach Norlands Innocence. That would be cool. After all, they are bound to venture out of the Grand Line over that at some point in order for the series to go on longer. Besides, Whitebeards territories have to claimed and etc.

    Speaking of the New World, does this new arc completly eliminate the Shichubukai due to their presence mainly being in Paradise?
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