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  • wow this betting is already out of hand, pple making pointless bids.

    and the same thing happened to you last year.
    But but but... its ironic that you would be on team unown rather than being against it like 2 years ago.
    and plus I need an excuse to keep terra from trying to control my bets after i win him for $100 :p
    its ok barbie, ive been busy too.
    you should join me and my clan friends on one of our skype group voice chat conversations soometime, they can be realyl fun.

    oh, and are you ready. for. SOPA?
    if you dont know what it is, you should watch this link:
    WTF is SOPA ? aka The American Government trying to ruin the internet - YouTube
    SOPA is very serius, and you should watch this video to get the gist of it.
    we'll see, since me and angad and terra are working on a team(saffronia) i might make things more active.
    Bt ive been busy lately :/
    saffron city has psychic and fighting types(hence the gallade)
    and it keeps my name as SG :p
    but i might just go with saffrongamer

    JT we need to stop talking months at a time
    yupp i got ALL of my tam at pokecheck :D
    everyteam seems to have terrakion and thundrus on it, and its starting to annoy me :/

    Pokécheck, the GTS stats checker
    yay legit pkmn :p
    Whenever I get critical about the competative statues of the forums, people seem to make excuses as to why they can't help.

    btw did you enter the PGL tourny?
    I'm not blaming the mods, I just wish i could have them alter their point of view so they dno't make excuses.

    maybe I'll try RU. but I dunno.
    not really a poem, but more of a dramatic statment :p

    The battling community has plenty of ways to be revived, but mods just give ecuses :/

    I could, but I've been too busy trying to made a good OU team where pple don't givem e crap about how much it sucks -.-
    i have been playing Gen IV OU again tho, UU in V or IV vould be fun tho.
    Oh to be able to go back in time when bmgf was wonderful again.
    that time when JT was always online(kinda) and the battling community was 2x the size it is now.
    that time when people looked up to F-22 sublime angad evkl sharking lycopeme and HH.
    that time when JT ubermensch neox angad BBM/blitzle sharking lycopene HH and everyone else were around.
    that time when the forum was active impressive and fun

    moving forward is a true despair :/

    yes i have been listening to sad and then pumped music again -.-

    and i think teddiura marill and igglypuff are the cutest
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