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  • Yes, I was. I was actually a freshman when I was active here, and it's been already two years past since I graduated. Wow, time flies.
    How's your uni life going?
    Yeah, I do remember you :p How are you doing?
    I'm doing alright, currently working as a salaryman and all. xD
    I'm doing fine. Uni student now. I think you were in uni when we used to be friends
    Been busy, trying to graduate from college, and preparing for the real final exams x) How about you?
    Hey, it sure has been a while! I haven't been active on the forums, sorry for the late reply ^^;
    Ive been kinda busy, but I will get back to bulbasaur :3 He is next on my list. What ivs did you want on him again? :eek:
    To those who require those Pokemon. One of them might have a useful hidden ability. My friend Safari is only really useful for Ditto. If it wasn't for Ditto, I would have hoped for a different type.
    Then I'll be required to be online at the same time you are, so it registers properly. I'll go on now.
    When you see my friend Safari, is there a Pokeball symbol in the third slot, or is it blank?
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