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  • I always keep a neutral nature just because sometimes people ask for those. :p I don't really use them much myself. The extra Adamant has three perfect ivs in Hp Attack and Sp def.
    I did catch extra dittos with natures you might like. I just need to check what perfect ivs they have. timid, adamant, and serious.
    I sadly suck at chaining with poke radar. T^T Trying to RE a shiny pikachu. so far its been two hours in the santalune forest using my raichu for static.
    I get the dittos from friend safari so they would have some good ivs, and yeah I think I wont battle again for a while ^^; I don't have that many ev trained pokemon nor am I that good at battling.
    yeah was in the middle of ditto hunting when my ds got red XD; hate having to charge it up when im in the middle of breeding.
    managed to get a vulpix with max hp, att, sp att, and speed. 4 max ivs are pretty good. XD timid with drought of course. going to work some on bulbasaur now.
    oh also just letting you know bulbasaur will take a little longer because I still need the right natured ditto. ^^
    ok I will go farm for a modest ditto then, and well my vulpix has perfect att ap att and speed. The att didnt matter but I wanted that perfect sp att and speed. I will see what I can do though if you maybe want perfect sp def as well. Bulbasaur ive gotten perfect hp sp att sp def and speed before. I want to get a perfect def one sometime too.
    vulpix and bulbasaur? What natures do you want? I got timid on my vulpix, but not sure if you want the same nature. XD
    I got perfects in what I was training vulpix in. :p I can work to make near perfect bulbasaurs if you want me too though. as for the shiny it is shiny Floette ^^
    hey there XD I got my first friend zone shiny actually, and yeah I can start breeding now too because im done eving my vulpix. :)
    Oh no you don't have to. ^^ I am close to the bulbasaur I want myself. :3 You focus on the mons you want ^^
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