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  • wells I have the means to breed for bulbasaur, Volt tackling pichus, Drought vulpix, aipom, HA fennekin, pidove, HA shinxs and many more.
    me too! Im still hunting for a bulletproof quilladin. XD I have two friends who have it but having a hard time getting the HA lol also have one filled with ditto c:
    ah yeah I have one too with perfect defenses. :) going to try to get a perfect sp att added to it later so it will make a good mega venusaur. :D
    maybe we can after I train up a few more pokemon ^^ All the pokemon I used yesterday were my party pokemon, and the only two newly eved pokemon I finished are Mewtwo and vulpix. Trying to level up vulpix to the point where she learns Extrasensory. :3
    When I said PS, this is what I meant: Pokemon Showdown. It's a browser-based PO.

    But regardless, I'll be willing to battle your team in-game! My FC is 1676-3820-9164.
    I dont know if I have any pokemon you would be interested in and I have the HA frogadier already. XD What are you looking for exactly?
    Naw, they're in my Gen V games. I only beat X/Y last weekend. Like I said, I haven't had as much time as I would like. Can't wait to start exploring everything a lot more thoroughly.

    If you wanna test things out via PS, though, just give me a shout!
    *grin* I dabbled a bit in competitive, yeah. In-game, I have a couple 'mons that are all fully competitive. I play competitively in things like PS and URPG, too. Fun stuff.
    I haven't had a lot of time recently, but I'd be completely willing to get back into breeding. Been interested, just not sure about starting. Although the prospect of research into what Pokemon can learn which egg moves fascinates me.
    Sounds like quite an interesting task! Especially since the vast majority of mechanics are still unconfirmed.
    The thing is if I want a good nature it would be in attack. I know sp att is slightly better, but I want to roll with the physical attack on this one. c:
    yeah I went back and eved them all. XD most were eved before I tackled the gyms or anything. Thank you super training.
    I like goodra, and mine packs draco meteor :) goodra is one of my favorite gen 6 pokemon actually XD wouldnt mind making a costume of it. ^^
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