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  • I only want one Exp. Share. Put it on whatever, no worries. I'll give you something random in return, as you have no t specified your wants.

    1.) Thank you, kindly.
    2.) Read the rules and lurk a bit. Read the rules for the individual shop you want to shop from. Look what other posters are doing. Follow suit.
    3.) Google it. There's tons of info, and it's very complicated.
    4.) Absolutely not. They are 100% legitimate Pokemon caught or hatched by me.
    Write me a detailed VM of what I can help you with so that we don't have to go back and forth a bunch of time, cool?
    Do you have an Exp. Share you can trade me? I can give you any of the Pokemon listed in the "Fresh Backed" section of the Cloud City Exports shop.
    I didn't say the gameplay was changed, I was just saying the touch screen made the game better. I know it's not used that much, but I prefer the touch screen to the D-pad. And when you are used to using the touch screen, it can be awkward going back to a GBA Pokemon game.

    And what does the package have to do with this?
    Just to reply to your post, and not continue an off-topic discussion in the thread, touch screen in pokémon is perhaps one of the least used capabilities in the DS, and does not in any way change the core gameplay, as it works perfectly fine just with the D-pad. I don't find it justifiable that every game should be played at every time, if you want to play an older game, you shouldn't expect to be able to play it on an older console.
    More importantly, however, is that if you can't enjoy the game in it's original packaging, why should you enjoy it in a slightly better looking edition? The game is the same.
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