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  • It appears it is the 7th birthday of the Nintendo Switch! It’s crazy that it has been that long! Definitely one of Nintendo’s best consoles.
    It’s almost 2024! For some, it may not be for another day but for others, it may just be 15 hours away.
    Back in April of this year on my profile (currently page 1) I posted about how I thought it’d be cool if there was another Pokémon game with no maps like Area Zero.

    I realized a few minutes ago that a concept like this would be pretty cool for a game where Leon is the main character. You’d keep getting lost like he is. I also feel like Raihan would also be his rival as Leon seems to always defeat Raihan no matter what just like how the MC does with all their rivals. I think this is a cool concept, but I feel like it has a 0% chance of happening within the next decade and 0.01% chance of happening anytime after that.
    Spent half an hour of my life making a legendary and mythical tier list. I suspect something is missing so if someone happens to discover something missing, I would be glad (and a bit surprised) to know. I also didn’t include Pokémon from The Indigo Disk because I can’t properly rank them yet.

    I’ve tackled the mid-stage evolutions tier list. I always struggle with five rows but somehow I was able to do five rows in this tier list.

    I decided to do the starter tier list like milkshayke did.

    I feel like I may have ranked Charmander a bit too high. In its place, it might put Squirtle or possibly Turtwig


    I was going to put Meowscarada in fine but I find its circus-like appearance interesting
    Omg a lot of my favorite starters are on the “great” : D
    (About Charmander) No you didn’t, nntw
    The Meganium, Chesnaught, and Rillaboom hate continues :(

    To be honest, most of my favorite starters are in such low tiers TwT
    You should see mine
    I’ve been quite a bit clumsy today because I dropped my trail mix and my iPad for no good reason. I’m not frustrated or even sad about that. I actually found it a little funny because it’s almost unbelievable that it happened.
    I thought I was going to play Legends Arceus for a few minutes and then it turned into an hour and then two hours. Didn’t really do anything except lose a shiny Eevee unfortunately.
    I played Pokémon TCG live for the first time today and also learned a bit about the TCG. Though, I’m a little scared to play it as my phone keeps heating up and also it seems to crash quite a bit.
    yeah the new tcg app is kinda buggy albeit i haven’t played it much (i sorta miss the old one but i sorta dont)
    Random Pokémon Opinion: The Fennekin line is most consistent with cool looking shinies but man, shiny Greninja is just so cool. Froakie and Frogadier have uninteresting shinies though the lighter blue is a nice tone. I really like Chespin's colors as they feel a bit fall-like. They're not completely fall but have the darker fall colors.

    Here’s a chart of the Kalos Shiny Starter Pokémon in case you want to share your thoughts or would like to see how these look!
    Dubious Disc
    Dubious Disc
    Kalos is honestly the only region where I like all the fully evolved starters' shiny colors (which is ironic since they're my least favorite starters overall lol). I do kinda wish shiny Chesnaught had the same red color scheme as its pre-evos though, the colors have a nice "toasted chestnut" vibe. Shiny Greninja is super cool, every black-colored shiny is automatically awesome imo
    I saw it an Xfinity commercial on TV and well, originally thought it was an advertisement for a certain social media website. (I would have no idea why that certain social media website would advertise on TV though)
    Today marks the day that I first looked at my rice cooker in the eyes at midnight. My rice cooker has a clock on it, and it is set to military time.

    I looked at my rice cooker and thought that the clock looked strange with the “0:##” and then realized that I hadn’t seen the clock on my rice cooker at this time.
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