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  • Let me know when to head online
    White Crow
    White Crow
    I am from South America :c so I don't think I could use them (region lock sucks!). But seriously, you are being too nice, if I ever become somewhat good I'll make sure to challenge you!
    You look like a card game lover right now :p I am surprised you are not into YuGiOh.

    I do whatevee I can do help :) and thanks for the kind message, it was really sweet of you <3
    I hope to see you more on the GTS then, we need more people. ;o;)/
    I'm not a GTS kind of person , I just come , see if anything can be done and then go again :p

    And I played pokemon TCG when the first cards came out but then I dropped become completely at a certain point of time *kuch*exploringtheoppositesex*kuch*

    If you want we can duel once in pokemon TCG online , just add me as joltfox or joltfox_13 and south america ... I'm from Europe/Belgium if you care to know :p
    White Crow
    White Crow
    That's still good pls :3

    xDD I didn't leave pokémon or my gaming even for that. Though I get some stuff can be good :p

    I will ask a friend to show me a competitive deck first xD: I wanna battle you but I have my pride of willing to win.
    We are on extreme opposites :c
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