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Jul 3, 2018
Jan 10, 2012
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May 21, 1994 (Age: 24)
Sunyshore City


The Power of Thunder, 24, from Sunyshore City

Merry Christmas everyone! Dec 25, 2015

Jolty94 was last seen:
Jul 3, 2018
    1. Moon Umbreon
    2. Pika_pika42
      Happy birthday.
    3. Poke Trey
      Poke Trey
      Merry Christmas Jolt!
    4. Eggseggseggseggs
      Hey there! I just saw the you're sig art in a thread. Would you mind telling me who made it?
    5. Poke Trey
      Poke Trey
      Happy late Birthday! Sorry I was not fast enough.
      1. Jolty94
        Thanks man! No problem it's appreciated
        May 28, 2016
        Poke Trey likes this.
    6. KenzeyEevee
      Happy birthday!!!:)
    7. Poke Trey
      Poke Trey
      Thanks for your follow and you wanna be a singer? Props keep up da good work man!
    8. Jolty94
      Merry Christmas everyone!
    9. The Infidel
      The Infidel
      Hey thanks for the friend request :)
    10. Dragonite Postal Service
      Dragonite Postal Service
      Hey man! Yeah I definitely am, I never got to play RS since it was during my hiatus from Pokemon! I really enjoyed XY too so I'm sure ORAS will be great. Hopefully there's more post story content though. How about you?
    11. Robo-Floatzel
    12. Robo-Floatzel
      That's cool, I mostly make friends on my DeviantART page, and usually go here to discuss my thoughts on the Pokemon franchise. Is your favorite Pokemon Jolteon?
    13. Robo-Floatzel
      Thanks for the friend request
    14. Darth Darkrai
    15. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      I Like your Name it is Good.
    16. Darth Darkrai
    17. Dragonite Postal Service
      Dragonite Postal Service
      Hey no problem I haven't been on as much now because of uni :( Yeah I started re-watching the whole series from the start a few years ago and when games come out I get them straight away. Best Wishes is so disappointing, it makes me loose interest in the anime >.< LOL. I don't think I can even enter where I live and I don't see the point since I don't play competitively and would get beaten badly LOL. Wow he must be real good then!
      I've been real busy with uni. got so many 2000 word essays due :( also my motherboard died and since it's kinda old I've had to replace my whole pc! How you been? haha yeah I'm i play again we can, I'd be no competition right now since I never play :P
    18. Dragonite Postal Service
      Dragonite Postal Service
      Yeah I watch online too, either dailymotion or Pokemonepisode.org :) I watch everything online so I'm not sure if they even show it on tv in Australia! LOL. Do you enter the world video game championships? I know Aus wasn't included but I think we are now, I don't think I'd stand a chance if I entered though LOL. I watched it last night too and yeah t was pretty good, I can't believe Ash is letting Trip get the better of him again >.< I think once Charizard returns I can be more happy with Best Wishes :) oh ok yeah I haven't finished the whole game but I've done black tower already! Now I'm just trying to complete my regional pokedex so I can go to the habitat reserve and get the shiny Haxorus! Do you enjoy the Pokemon World Tournament? I love it so much better than the battle frontier in the game!
      Do you prefer the anime or the games better?
    19. Dragonite Postal Service
      Dragonite Postal Service
      Do you watch them online? I still watch Best Wishes too and the only part I've liked about it so far is Iris's Dragonite and getting to see Cynthia and Dawn again! I actually liked the whole of Johto, I would much prefer to watch that again over easy wishes >.< haha. Yeah majority of the Unova Pokemon don't interest me but the one that I really like is Zoroark mostly just for it's ability :D I actually like the 5th gen games quite a bit though! One day I hope they make a full open world 3D game on Wii u or something, that would be my dream game :D haha. Have you played all the recent games?
    20. Dragonite Postal Service
      Dragonite Postal Service
      haha yeah I agree about the eyes =/ I like the eeveelutions in general so I may try use it no matter what type it is! If it's a Dragon type it would be a dream come true since I love Dragon types :D haha.
      There's no English trailer for the movie right? I watched the Japanese trailer and yeah when Mewtwo came in and protected Ash it gave me goosebumps since it looked so good, I love the original series (actually pretty much everything up until Best Wishes) so it will be so good to see Mewtwo again ^^ Do you like Best Wishes?
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    May 21, 1994 (Age: 24)
    Sunyshore City
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation II (Game Boy Color)
    Favorite Region:
    Favorite Gym Badge:
    Blackthorn City Rising Badge
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code:
    3239 - 3517 - 6917
    Bulbapedia Username:
    Bulbanews Username:
    Pokémon fan since the beginning... and always will be!


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