• Hey all, with Pokémon Legends Arceus leaking, please keep all leaks and new information to this thread! Many people don't want this game spoiled for them, so please be courteous!
  • This is it. ME has trained up for this moment and is now rematching Sinnoh's Elite Four and Champion. Watch here as he and his Flying team take to the skies in a climatic battle against Cynthia and this series comes to a close.
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  • I have my fans I suppose. I wonder when the fan club will come. XD also do you like my new smiley that I made? Looks better in PC text though. X}
    I did a censor bypass. Oh well it lifts in 2 weeks so I don't mind. More time for exams now and I was getting bored of pc so it works out. And anyway with exams time flies like that so no biggie. I can now give attention to this site and all.
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