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Joseph Foxy
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  • Hello. :) Think U Can Go To Serebii (Or I Can Ask Here If U Want) About Trailers Later Tonight.
    finished two funny/silly drawings
    (one with Umbreon - the other with my Espeon sona Jyo, using its tail as a microphone while rocking)
    will upload them after a good nights rest
    Hungry 'breon wants their food now!
    Fellow Flareon fan, I see. :)
    You're using the same avatar as you were when I first saw you on the forums.
    How do you always choose such lovable avatars?
    been binge watching South Beach Tow episodes, been a long time fan of the show, especially of Bernice and Dave Kosgrove, those two make me laugh the most
    and eating lots of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos - getting addicted to them
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    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    I know its scripted show doesn't prevent me from loving it - good laughter when nothing on
    some might find it boring - others not a lucky day
    Spend most of my birthday working, enjoyed the work day
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    It was your birthday?
    Happy belated Birthday, then.
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    kind of funny - 12th is my Bulbaversary
    the 13th, very next day is my birthday
    thanks again LunarArrow, just passed by one day
    have the starters in my order of favorites - based on design not how good or popular they are
    I know big majority will disagree with me - 6th and 7th had more starters I loved, while 3rd and 4th had my least favorite
    thats just my opinion, we all have our opinion, I know no two list will be exactly the same
    --does have 8th gen unreleased starters as well--
    Fennekin - Litten - Snivy - Popplio - Cyndquil - Rowlet - Froakie - Totodile - Chespin - Scorbunny - Sobble - Chikorita - Oshawott - Charmander - Grookey - Tepig - Piplup - Chimchar - Bulbasaur - Squirtle - Turtwig - Treecko - Mudkip - Torchic
    Torracat - Braixen - Servine - Brionne - Dartrix - Quilava - Dewott - Frogadier - Croconaw - Quilladin - Bayleef - Drizzle - Charmeleon - Pignite - Raboot - Thwackey - Prinplup - Monferno - Ivysaur - Grottle - Wortrotle - Grovyle - Marshtomp - Combusken
    Delphox - Incineroar - Primarina - Decidueye - Greninja - Typhlosion - Feraligatr - Chesnaught - Inteleon - Charizard - Samurott - Cinderece - Meganium - Rillaboom - Emboar - Infernape - Empoleon - Torterra - Blastoise - Venusaur - Sceptile - Swampeer - Blaziken
    with that slight mixed team, already made it to the Elite 4 - haven't battled yet,
    a quick look at everyone so far:
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    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    Nice, good luck
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    thanks - only used 5 Pokemon,
    one fainted, Curtis, due to that 'critical hit'
    Sherrie didn't get to battle, since the last Pokemon also hit with a critical hit before I could change Pokemon
    almost done with my other team (I shared the photo below) - almost at Elite 4
    still long way before I get a Switch... so will likely play another team
    a Fairy team... at least 4 of the Pokemon will be dual type - all will share Fairy typing
    already planed out the 6 Pokemon - just tougher part of picking names I haven't used before
    Sylveon, Slurpuff, Alolan Ninetales, Primarina, Mimikyu, and Shiinotic
    about to start working on another large drawing - so far I got the rough sketch finished
    kind of my guide for the drawing

    left to right:
    • Firox Flareon greeting the Thievul
    • on Firox's head is Enis (the curious young Vee kit)
    • both Mia and Vee (two female Vee kits) also watching while resting Firox's tail
    • the other two playful younger Vees (Kev and Matt) just playing in front
    • Thievul kind of watching surprised, more from the friendly greetings
    • the last Vee kit, Tony waving,, probably asking for dessert or other food
    • Nickit standing next to ?, looking at the dessert that it invited
    • ? (my Eevee friend) sharing a slice of cheesecake with Nickit, kind of friendly greeting
    • Linette Leafeon on the back, petting the back fur wondering how it feels like
    • Jyo Espeon admiring wondering what the two other foxes are

    (I don't have name yet for Nickit or Thievul)
    almost time to switch over to Vaporeon
    will change my username as well, to the name I call my Vaporeon
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    Such a cute avatar. I use Vaporeon as my avatar too for most of the time, but I decided to use something else for a change to celebrate the release of the new Pokémon games.
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    Tjats good
    I changed to celebrate Vaporeon Day
    I'm at the Aether Paradise you can tell, 3 Pokemon I love most I use a lot, the other three still struggling to like still giving a chance
    I love Sylvee, so its the one I rely on the most

    sadly for now, still don't have a Nintendo Switch, do have 3 games - "Mario Odyssey", "Let's Go Eevee", and "Pokemon Shield" - can't wait to play them
    When are you planning on getting a Switch? Just curious.
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    around late January or early February, do hope sooner
    for upcoming drawings, working on one, to give an idea of how its looking like:

    Hope its looking cute, its a Fennekin wearing a Mokorotlo
    a traditional Sesotho straw hat that worn in South Africa and Lesotho
    Just need to finish rest of Fennekin
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