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Joseph Foxy
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  • next update of where I am with the mixed team in Pokemon Sun - just starting on Ula'ula Island
    Relying a lot on Sherrie Sylveon more than the rest, still trying to give all an equal chance
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    not sure why image doesn't want to work - I can see image good when I edit
    I know I copied it correctly - image is the team
    next update of where I am with the mixed team in Pokemon Sun - just starting on Ula'ula Island
    Relying a lot on Sherrie Sylveon more than the rest, still trying to give all an equal chance
    might do something similar for the other types (except bugs since don't like any)
    some easy and some harder
    Fairy and Fire are my two favorite types... although Fairy typing I seem to love a bit more
    kind of funny that my most favorite Pokemon is a psychic type (Espeon) - fairy has more Pokemon and Moves I like than psychic does

    still working on my current drawing of the Gigantamax Eevee and four Eeveelutions (Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon, and Jolteon)

    already got two funny and silly ideas for two upcoming drawings, based on a movie I love so much, Wayne's World, those drawing ideas are:
    1st - Flareon as Wayne and Espeon as Garth, when they make the intros "Wayne's world! Wayne's world! its party time! its excellent" (Wayne with the guitar, and Garth with the drumsticks)
    2nd - when all five are sitting in the Mirthmobile, singling along to the Bohemian Rhapsody
    Like I mentioned to Max
    Going to have Tuesday, Wednesday, May be Thursday off
    Going to work on two drawings
    One with Munchlax, Flareon, and Eevee
    another with the very big gigantamax Eevee will also, Espeon, Glaceon, Jolteon, and Umbreon - based on an RP a friend and I do

    might start them today after work
    yes! My munchy boi is gonna be drawn!
    I'm just leaving Paniola Town
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    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    giggles - as expected, relying more on Sherrie Sylveon than the rest....
    still trying to give the rest an equal chance, hard with some
    with the 'mixed' team I'm playing, just about to start the second Island, Akala
    how all are doing
    (work, sleep, and drawings slow me down at times)

    have mentioned to Max before - the battery on my 3DS XL is really dying, don't plan on replacing it
    instead saving to get a Nintendo Switch

    what happens? - battery dies really fast, 3 minutes of not being plugged in, even if the battery is full (blue light) for no reason, battery indicator all of a sudden just flashes red in 3 minutes and turns off... doesn't even go to solid red light.
    I keep reading that its the signs of a defective battery or dying battery - if its plugged in nothing happens, works normally, only happens 3 mins after the charger comes off and the held held turned on, even if the 3DS XL is closed
    by the way,, when I turn on the 3DS XL it shows blue light, full... if its not plugged in, 3 mins later that red light will flash and turn off.
    got my newest sketch up - will wait a bit to finish some, want to get one of those 'tablet' like laptops, where the top can be removed and used like a tablet, searching for one with a touch pen so I can draw with it, so hard to do so with hand (ehmm paw) and mouse

    Glaceon and the 6 energetic young Eevees - sketch up in my art topic
    That sounds like a nice thing to get for drawing.
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    it be so much easier and fun too - found so many, now time to start saving for one or two
    one as a drawing tablet only, and one as a regular laptop
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