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Joseph Foxy
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  • on my Geography sonas already picked all the Pokemon and which country they will be from... now the long task of choosing names that match the country, some likes and dislikes
    I'm sure besides myself, not many care - already decided on my next 'Geography sonas' which will be Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie... all three from Caribbean Islands, one from St. Kitts-Nevis, one from St. Lucia, and one from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, just need to decide who will be from each island, what their names will be, some likes and dislikes for each
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    rest I have: (yep, Geography nerd stuff ahead)
    Afghanistan - Abassin the Decidueye
    Andorra - Julia the Liepard
    Bangladesh - Bhuyan the Incineroar
    Belgium - Marrie the Persian
    Denmark - Eriksen the Flareon
    Dominica - Reon the Chatot
    Estonia - Kaidi the Zorua
    France - Cecille the Delcatty
    Gibraltar - Kyle the Growlithe
    India - Sanju the Miltank
    Israel - Yonatan the Meowth
    Kiribati - Kanalei the Primarina
    Korea DPR - Kim Myong-Chol the Umbreon
    Latvia - Eliza the Eevee
    Lithuania - Meidi the Vulpix
    Madagascar - Andriamatsinoro the Passimian
    Mongolia - Maratkhan the Bouffalant
    Montenegro - Milosh the Vaporeon
    Myanmar - Kyaw Aung the Mienshao
    Namibia - Abisai the Delphox
    North Macedonia - Zoran the Leafeon
    Oman - Ahmed the Zangoose
    Russia - Masha the Sylveon
    Scotland - Gordon the Espurr
    Spain - Xavier the Espeon
    Tajikistan - Zhalilov the Torracat
    Tunisia - Meriah the Heliolisk
    Tuvalu - Valoa the Azumarril
    Vanuatu - Masauvakalo the Dewott
    we're currently at 396 at F v F
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    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    that's great news, hopefully on October 1st I get to rejoin again - will go with Leafeon at first
    that's nice to hear. everytime we try and get to 400, Max or Mega bring us back to 391. It's nice to have some more help besides the usual Oricorio or CCK
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    hopefully can push it up higher again, just a couple more days of waiting
    I normally don't share unfinished works - to kind of show the progress on one of my current arts - Glaceon and 6 Eevees - not all finished, still working on it
    current description:

    • the top left (not yet drawn) - are the two girl Vee kits likely playing iwth Grace's longer 'ear extension'
    • the top right - are the four 'boy Vee' kits getting the fun idea of playing "tug o war' with her tail
    • the bottom left - Grace surprised at something catching her, as Mia playing next to her (trying to get Grace to look surpriesed)
    • on the bottom right - Grace out on the floor, watching the other's have fun will have the two Vees on her left playing with her ear extensions two boy Vee kits playflly pulling tail, another pulling the other 'ear extention" and a last kind of saying "let's play"
    you better watch out, don't try to steal my donuts...
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    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    that is true, can't eat them if they been eaten already
    if just taken I can get them again
    if you've read any of my rm posts you would know, foxy, that i have the mysterious power of eating things that have already been eaten
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    (its a topic I haven't visited, haven't seen them) - that is strange ability/power
    just realized this month we have a Friday the 13th - this year, my birthday will also fall on Friday the 13th
    so lucky me (in December)
    Pokemon camp still my most favorite feature, Amie/Refresh of the 8th gen, my most used feature
    and saw Leafy, so at least my favorite of all Pokemon are there (Eevee)
    not much info on the new Pokemon I was hoping for (regional cat)
    my early prediction for the next Shield Sword info on Sept 1 - likely going to be disappointing again
    nothing new, in Pokemon themselves, probably just showing the same as before probably just going to show something closer in another town
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    i think they will have new pokemon in it, but i doubt that they'll announce the starter evolutions
    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    hopefully, I'm assuming nothing new in Pokemon, its just my early prediction
    working on another drawing, featuring my Lucario friend's sona on it
    Lucario, Leafeon, Espeon, and Eevees
    I know I have not been replying much this last couple days - had been very ill - starting to feel much better
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    Joseph Foxy
    Joseph Foxy
    I'm sure it wasn't a stomach virus - Sunday all I had to eat was two hot dogs, but other family members also had hot dogs, none of them got ill, the only other thing I had was some tea I had found, must have been over 3 or 4 years old, (maybe that made me ill)
    counted 111 moves, could be more I might have missed - Pokemon moves that end with E
    time to keep annoying that topic "Pokemon Move Starting With" by ending all I can with "e"
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