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  • Nice picture and glad to hear that you are from UK, UK is my best Country I love it so much and your avatar is so beautiful so awesome and I really love Cambridge and l love munchester united
    I saw this rule on the Shiny Encounter thread, "This isn't a place to fondly remember past shinies"; How would a shiny encounter fall under that? I don't want to do this unintentionally.
    Haha same here, I was actually looking through Ikea for display shelves a few days ago! I stopped arranging my plushies on because I've had to pile them on each other :p
    Yes, the harem will be completed! Now go save Onodera from Wario, Tsugumi!

    mental note: get stands for my nendoroids
    I have made an apology to people of the forums for the posting. I haven't got a reply from any mods when I sent pms to them. I would like to get an answer and see what's happening. I really miss the speculation forums and I hope to be given one last chance. Alexander.
    That would just double the current amount of nendoroids out there...that's odd that they don't stock them over at Europe :/ I might stick to plushies when it comes to Pokemon though, it'd be easier to throw them all together in one pile XD

    Hmm can I pick your brain for an anime that you would recommend to watch? I've gotten to watch a lot of new stuff from people around here (mostly Dolce) so I figure I'd ask you as well :p
    If you say it like that I'll just be more challenged to get them when I encounter them :p

    Hmm Frozen was fun to watch and all but turning them into nendoroids doesn't sit well with me for some reason @[email protected] That's a good point too about them being made for many franchises...but having seen so many shows I'm sure the struggle whether to get them will keep happening XD
    When I saw Onodera with "457" I got overwhelmed just imagining how collecting them would be :p And I'll try to steer clear of seeing amiibo in person so I won't be too tempted haha.
    Ah nice, I'd want to get amiibo for my favorite character(s) but after seeing how I get with nendoroids I know it's a slippery slope :p

    Haha I'm the same way...it doesn't help that the boxes have the collection number on them @[email protected] I gave in and ordered Haruhi since I got an Amazon gift card D:
    I wish they would. I got an e-mail today saying that Kuroko nendoroids got restocked which just made me want to get Misaka and MISAKA D:

    I can imagine, but it seems amiibos are really taking off so that'll be a worthwhile collection. What's your rarest piece?
    Unfortunately :/ (just did a price search...she's past a hundred dollars O.O)

    Oh yeahh, pretty sure they'll be introduced on the 2nd season...my wallet D: But let's see how my plan of "buy 2 of the nendoroids and sell the extra" works out.
    I've been good, still dealing with college xD things are getting more troublesome now, I have a lot on my plate >.<
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