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  • Attention Everyone i have moved to serebii forums due to the fact tht the new forums are really slow so if I ever made a trade offer to you my name on serebii is juan8913 like always so just friend request me or PM/VM me. Bye bulbagarden!
    Yeah, it said invaild code so I'm using another picture of boshi until I know what's wrong. ^^; You may have to send the picture to me cause It might be to big on here.
    I did make a list of what I need. I didn't realize I've barely scratched the gen V dex. I need a lot of shinies to fill my dex. Well, at least I have a new goal since I've already fill my dex the first time with none shinies. ^^
    Yeah, I probably will when I can get all my shinies or rares cloned. :) I will need some pokes to offer, and right now I don't have any. lol XD
    Oh, yeah. I had forgotten too. it has been a while since we last traded due to my wifi acting up. Anyway thanks again for the trades. :)
    Thank you so much! Let me know when you can get some copies of shiny rufflet. ^^ Thanks again this helps my goal so much! :D
    okies, yays! XD I guess it was just wifi being a pain again. lol At least we connected fairly easily. kk, I'll meet you on pokemon black too. ^^
    me too but you are not showing up. i'm sure we traded before because we traded squirtle, trapinch, and mudkip.
    I know, I was just letting you know is all. I couldn't sleep last night which is weird cause I usually get to sleep early. ^^; And I am very greatful! :D I'm trying to get a complete shiny dex in gen V, so every shiny gen V pokemon helps. I will look at past posts to see what pokemon we was looking to trade.
    Okies, I'll trade the treecko to your gen IV game. :3 Do you remember the shiny pokemon we were going to trade on gen V?
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