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Recent content by Juicy Jazzy

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    Pokémon Black and White 2 revealed on Pokémon Smash!: Game Freak director Masuda make

    Re: Pokémon Black and White 2 revealed on Pokémon Smash!: Game Freak director Masuda I am really happy. Cant wait to play this on my DS.
  2. J

    Nintendo Wii successor to be shown at E3. late 2012 release

    The code name is apparently "cafe" so maybe the idea of the controller is based around this. If the camera in the controller rumour is true I can certainly see a video call feature included. I dont know why but this reminds me of a cafe. Where you can see your friends or family and talk (over...
  3. J

    Nintendo Wii successor to be shown at E3. late 2012 release

    As one of the few people who enjoyed the Wii, I am looking forward to what Nintendo can create with the Wii2. Apparently the screen on the controllers are HD as well (as per rumour) which would be quite weird considering the 3DS doesn't even have a HD screen.
  4. J

    name changes from japanese black and white to english black and white

    They should have an option to have the names in Japanese or English. :-p
  5. J

    Favorite Gym Leader of Unova?

    Skyla was my favourite gym leader. :-)
  6. J


    If you preorder your game at JB Hifi (Australia) they will give you a free Nintendo DS case with Reshiram or Zekrom on it.
  7. J

    Sony Announces PSP Successor

    This thing is going to flop harder then the first PSP.
  8. J

    3DS European/US Release Date and Price Revealed

    I'm importing from America. Because the Australian dollar at the moment is almost the same as USD it will only cost my about $275 (including shipping). Figured I'd buy it now in case it gets hacked and I cant downgrade the firmware. Also getting the American version so I can import cheaper...
  9. J

    Nintendo moves into the next dimension: 3DS in stores February 2011

    Cant believe Nintendo didnt add 3G to the 3DS. If the PSP2 has 3G like its rumoured to have then I'm jumping ship. :-(
  10. J

    Preordering the Japan games

    It takes 3 days by UPS to recieve things from Play-Asia in Hong Kong to my house in Western Australia. Tracking info says that its in transit for delivery today.
  11. J

    Black and White Music Discussion

    Geechisu's battle music sounds similar to the Arceus battle music in Platinum.
  12. J

    Preordering the Japan games

    I dont know how they do it for the US but when I ordered HG/SS from them last year they sent it on Monday when it came out on Saturday.
  13. J

    Preordering the Japan games

    Because they come out on Saturday and Play-Asia dont ship on weekends.
  14. J

    Preordering the Japan games

    The games wont be sent out until Monday.
  15. J

    Ever Split Your Head Open?

    When I was in primary school several years ago we had a sports carnival and we had to sit under these large tents on the school oval. One of the poles holding the tent up fell and hit one of my mates in the head. He didn't notice he had split his head open until blood started going down his face.