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  • Turns out you can get Sachet from the Battle Resort, so I just bought one. My IGN is Zeb, I'll hop online.
    If I have a Sachet you can have it, but I'm not sure if there is one in ORAS (and I suspect that I already used the one from XY to evolve my Spritzee ages ago). But I'll check and confirm either way when I can get to my DS.
    Any item or anything you need that I can give you in return then? Wouldn't like to think you're giving me one for free. (Thanks tho! And no rush either.)
    Looking at the list of Soul Silver exclusives, the only ones I have in Apricorn balls are Level + Moon Teddiursa and Love Mawile. I don't have any of those Safari Ball mons though.

    And I'm not fussed specifically for IVs or anything just a HA female in a Quick Ball would be enough (I've been looking for one for forever!).
    Hey, hope you don't mind the VM. I noticed in the doc you linked that you have a HA Burmy in a Quick Ball. Is there any chance you have a female and if so any chance I could arrange a trade for one? (I have lots of mons in matching balls as well as egg moves parents with good IVs.)

    I really want to Masuda a shiny HA Mothim is all and Quick Ball matches it perfectly.
    Do you have any preference of English or French? We have both. If you don't really care, I can get it cloned now in fact. What times are you available (in your time). I'm Pacific Time by the way.
    Would you mind a clone? Because we have a perfect Bold one with the moves you want we can clone for you. Otherwise we can breed you a spitback one.
    Heya, just wanted to make sure. Did you want a 31/x/31/31/31/31 Bold spread? Or did you want a 31/31/31/x/31/31 Impish spread? You didn't seem to respond to my post.
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