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  • That's a weird rumor. At least they aren't speculating about remakes for a change.
    Maybe there is a good reason why they showed this right after the B2W2 promotional video. It would be interesting if the announcement actually showed us something rather than just confirming what we've been expecting for months. But it seems too early for them to invest money on a fancy commercial.
    Yes, and HGSS were revealed on a Friday, too. Do you think that TV Tokyo will necessarily make the announcement?
    Yes this is odd, Tuesday is an odd day too for an annoucement. Wasn't the first 5G annoucement a Friday? Also I think the names of Black&White were revealed on a Friday.
    So the news is at least four hours old and we're practically the only ones talking about it. This is so odd. And why wasn't the official website updated yesterday?
    "I can't tell about the Ruby & Sapphire remakes, if it should come out you'll know soon enough"
    I find it weird that 2ch are the only ones reporting about the commercial. I don't even understand which show is supposed to make the announcement.
    Post 58 in the RS2 thread has a summary of Masuda's recent Q&A session. How would you translate the third point about the remakes? I know that he didn't give any answer, but did he imply anything?
    Is it just me, or are the people on 2ch still more talkative about remakes than a new generation?
    Oh, that old thing. This is pretty random, but it seems promising. Do you have any source other than 2ch? Just in case.
    Could you link me to those 2ch rumors? I'd like to know if there is anything interesting there. The lack of news requires desperate measures.
    I'm in favor of Light as a behavioral type that focuses on benevolence and enlightenment. You can read my discussion with bian about this.
    Look at the sticker below the postcards on this page. Do you see the empty room with the light penetrating the window? Quite mysterious, isn't it? The other rooms (or the roof in Umbreon's case) are all themed around the Eeveelutions' types.
    First I'm convinced Genesect won't be in M16 or will have a minor role. Genesect has been distributed everywhere...
    Hm Coro Coro doesn't always have the exlusive information, we all remember the April Coro coro...
    I have confidence, there's too much Eevee and his Eevolution now. First, December 6th, we will have some information, (maybe unexpected informations?) about the N saga.
    Those postcards will apparently be released from December 8th to December 14th. I'm worried that it's unlikely for a new Eeveelution to be revealed before CoroCoro. A TV announcement? We know that information will be revealed about Episode N and possibly Movie 16. Come to think of it, there is actually no reason why an Eeveelution couldn't be revealed at the same time.
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