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  • It's Hussie. He already blew up Newgrounds and a couple other sites due to the EoA flash, doubt he doesn't mind crushing the hopes and dreams of a handful of people even more XD

    For now though, I am perfectly content watching Karkat flip out over bucket letters and Rose calling Dave a bastard for killing her beautiful pony.
    I didn't even think of you being a girl when we first came into contact. It's probably the ambiguous mannerisms.
    My current theory so far is this:

    There are 12 God Tiers, along with symbols to go with them. So far we have Time, Wind, Space, and Light. That leaves eight left. Now, Jane is Life, Jake Hope, and no idea for the other two. That leaves four left. The trolls left (not counting Kanaya) are Karkat (Blood), Gamzee (Rage), Terezi (Mind), and possibly Sollux (Doom) since he's a gray area currently. That would mean, if the final two are Void and Heart, there is at least one kid for every single tier.
    I'm pretty neutral on Jake to be honest, the mix of old-fashioned speaking and current slang seems pretty random. Basically, thoughts on the others are:

    Jane: possible antagonist later on, depending on if she wises up to the subliminal messages. It will be funny when she and John meet.
    Post-Scratch Mom: seems to know more then she lets on. The fact that she drinks and realizes something is wrong is eerie to think of, especially considering her age.
    D Strider: Favorite kid so far out of this group. People were prepping him to be an animu freak, but he seems to look out for the others.
    My hair doesn't grow down, it grows out. I could probably grow an afro if I was really that inclined. Which I'm not. My obscenely curly hair would probably make that difficult, though.
    ...it took me a while to figure out that this was you, Corruption.

    So how have you been faring recently?
    Meant were you surprised by the color/icon, but that works XD

    Also lucky, I want a Doom hoodie but it's way too expensive x.x
    Have you tried defeating him in mortal combat? Mr. Mick and I did that. He played as Sub-Zero and beat me easily. :( Mr. Mick runs video game club, see. I'm off to bed, as you can probably tell, I get paranoid late at night. Peace.
    Like how so? Is he an axe murderer? Sociopath? Does he eat puppies in class? Most of my teachers only did it in the teacher's lounge, but I had one that did it right in front of the class.
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