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Name: Jeff (or is it!?)

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Birthdate: 13th of March, 1996

Height: 6''

Blood Type: I don't even know Myself

Location: Traverse Town

Occupation: Krusty Krab Employee

Games: Summoner's War, League of Legends, Maplestory, The Wolf Among Us, Kingdom Hearts, Catherine, Ratchet & Clank, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Life is Strange, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, D&D

Interests: Photoshop, Anime, Games, League of Legends, Chess, Forums, Art, Jaw-Dropping 1080p Action, 4K!, Music, Movies, Crunchyroll, Convention, Geek Talk, Music, Archiving, Girl on Girl Action, Conversations, Being a flippin' Ninja, The Settlers of Cattan, Monopoly, 80'' TV's, Hacks, Trolling, Cliche Objects/Subjects, Ladies w/ Blue Eyes, Amusement Parks, The Art of War, Puns, Magic, Card Sharks, DrSeuss, Paradoxes, Disney Movies, Escape Rooms, Dat Ass tho!, Hope you got all That, Irises & Lilacs

Dislikes: School, Shakespear, History, Immaturity, OCD, Time, Mornings, Books, Horrible Transitions, British Accents, One Line Replies, Cheap Objects, The Chum Bucket, ARAM Accounts, Cute stuff

Favorite Quote: “There are two kinds of men in this world; the righteous who think they are sinners, and the sinners who think they are righteous" ~Blaise Pascual

Personal Motto: Do or Die

Best Quality: Beginner Graphics Designer, Tons of Puns, BB Coding God, Quite Creative, Knows the Krabby Patty's Secret Formula~

Worst Quality: Lazy, Takes forever to respond, Imagines Impossible things a Lot, Reading / Engrish, (there's probably a lot more lol)

Skills: Humor d17, Cooking d10, Speling d4, Fashion d12, Toughness d12, Patience d19, Imagination d18, Intimidation d9, Driving d1, Drawing d3, Subtlety d13

Fetishes: Blue Hair, Blue Eyes, Red Eyes, Raven Hair, Choker, White Skin, White Teeth, Avg Height, Freckles, B+ Rack, Weaboo, on the Naughty List, Smoker, Russian Accent, Mature, Gothic, Artist, oh Bby!

Self Descriptions: Anime Fanatic, Casual Gamer, Music Lover, Art Enthusiast, Lazy Procrastinator, Santa Clause Believer, Shadow Realm Sentencer~

More Info~!
● Avid Anime Watcher~ I watch it Every day~ (Let's talk about it friend~)
● Can sleep for up to 12 hours or more! POGCHAMP!
● Cliche is King and the Unyielding Unique. I like them both. Major Style points if you Combine them~
● I always wanted to try eating some Panda Meat
● Fall & Winter are the best Seasons of the Year
● Roses are the best kind of Flowers~
● Purple is the Best Color
● My overall goal is to become an Otaku. #TheDream #MarikaBestGirl
● Being a Bartender is cool also. Did I also mention Chef?
● Adrenaline is my Friend and will always be ♥
● I always wanted to have my own Motorcycle. I'm quite fascinated by them.
● I put 33 seconds in the Microwave instead of 30 seconds, because i'm to lazy to press the 0 button
● EDM > Pop > 1980's >Rock > What's Hot

Random Facts~!
● Blue Roses do Exist~! Simply dye a white rose's water Blue. Wait a couple of Hours. BOOM! Happy Valentine's Day~!
● A Blue Moon appears every 4 Years. Keep your eyes out friend~!
● If you send me hot pictures of Anime Girls on my wall, you'll even get a hotter 1 in return~! (Challenge Accepted? Do it!)
● Female humans are the only mammals w/ enlarged Breasts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Currently Active On / Where to Find Me!?
● League of Legends: JustJeff / ButterStikk
● MyAnimeList: JustTheFx
● Bulbagarden Forums: JustJeff
Note: Tell me if ur ganna add me. I don't add Random Foo's. Foo!

-Last Update
1st of January, Twenty-Seventeen


Mar 13, 1990 (Age: 30)
Traverse Town
Favorite Generation
Generation III (Game Boy Advance)
Favorite Pokémon Type
Favorite Region
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code
Krusty Krab Employee
PokéCommunity Username
Smogon Username
Pokémon Showdown Username
JustTheFx, LeCoqGrande, uPlo, MarikaBestGirl
Pokémon Online Username
Dee E Dee


Jeff's Blog #3: A Self Look at Myself Jeff's Blog #4: Competitive Battling; Looking Back, Now, and Forward TBD
Jeff's Blog #5: Creativity, and Being Uncreative TBD


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