• Snowy finally gets an endorsement from the Champion to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as he learns about Dynamaxing and chases after Hop.
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  • Yeah I'm a complete ghost at this point. Booooo~
    But you got Raki! She's sexy! That arena leader skill is also sexy!

    All yuri is good! :p

    Is it bad I forget what we were discussing? XD;
    I really loved you beautiful post and thanks for want to help me for English and for liking my avatar that they deleted from with warning anyway yes my English is not my own language but really happy that you want to help so much my best friend
    How good is Life is strange? Because I only ever heard from couple months and I'm skeptic on what it's like, BTW loving the avatar!
    ^^ I change by days but not all the time and I am glad to see your collection of beautiful picture
    Can u make this question "N friend, do u "Hold the Door" btw!? :OO" more cleary; because I didn't understand it and really sorry for that
    ^^ and I love you because you choose me as I friend and because you love me an love friends
    ^^ and I love you and ove my friends also
    ^^ yep 2 Girls is always better than 1! if u Naw Sayn
    Thirdly: I want to be one of your best friend from today dakara yorushiku onegaishimasu
    Forthly: no problem for N welcome to the Forums! 2 Weeks maybe a bit late, but not 2 me! Mwuahhahaha!!!!; because I think you try to see I was late to impress about your picture if I am right
    Firstly: let me thank you so much for your great message and I hope to be one of your best friend
    Secondly: Thanks for loving so much my avatar and it is for anime called sono hanabira ni kuchizuke wo anata to koibito tsunagi, however your avatar is more than beautiful and it more and more beautiful than my avatar
    So you like Ratchet and clank too? I'm excited for the movie and game when it comes out! BTW U are now being followed.
    Of course not, plus I tend to disappear too. So this works out well for me.
    Well.. Kamiya got one upped by Zaiross, I got him from a mystical scroll. xD
    Edit: Add Chandra to that.
    That'd be hilarious, but no. :p

    Have something fluffier then. :p

    Hm tbh I'm inclined to say no to that. Is any of it made by you though?
    Last summon I think I was excited about was Kamiya, because she's a dark nat 4. xD But Verdehile was a nice pull man!
    I want one that does damage! I can't complain since I use Ariel everywhere though. :p

    That's actually.. a pretty darn good pick Jeff!
    It won't top this though! i.imgur.com/9q8Y9H7.jpg

    That's not much to envy really. :p
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