• Snowy arrives in Motostoke and signs up to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as Snowy encounters some rather noisy individuals in a hotel lobby.
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  • ♫ Baby you talked too much and you were asking for it, asking for it, Asking for it! ♫
    Orion. D: I want one! It's so cute! All I ever ask for from my scrolls is cute things and pretty ladies but I get overly muscular Barbarian Kings. D:
    But say, these girls will send your heart into oblivion. ^__~

    Very belated thank you! (I started working so I'm still getting used to my hours and haven't been on). D:
    I need to ask first though (´°ω°`) how many nat 5*??? I am guessing you have Vanessa? :eek: I am crying for Camilla </3 I am not gonna have her or Praha

    Anything is fine as long as you like it (°◡°♡).:。
    Juicy secrets here and there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Yeah you talked to me about that game a while ago :p
    Oh gz :p moving where if it isn't too personal? and prints eh?

    Hey Jeff, question for ya – do you have any redistribution policies for Pokemon that you breed and trade?
    And maaaaaan your birthday was recently eh? HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~~


    Best b-day cake xD
    Let's blame it then :p

    Oh thanks :D I finally so got acces to stuff >w> and stuff <w< and I have italics! (=^-ω-^=)
    Did you have life stuff going on? ;o

    Ohh totally~ tho you never shall call a woman old :p jk
    Send it this way send it send it~~ <3 I pick yuri ofc!
    I hate Lushen! >:[
    My units will remove all your beneficial effects!

    Also...Happy Birthday!
    One out of four islands is good enough for now! I'm always broke as is. :p
    Just buy a few refills~ eazy!
    n wouldn't you say these two units of mine r quite exquisite~ quite the gem you would even call it
    but nontheless, I would definitely love to see your best two units ~(-‿◕)
    My my :eek:!!! If it isn't the one and only JtFx~! Been a goooood while! I feel lucky to be of the only ones who knows this heh. Don'tworry you secret is safe with me~ :p So tell me, how have you been doing lately? >.<
    That the pair is so so, the best pair is easily this one!
    I have to play lots of things though. I don't know what to play first, what to play next. Q~Q But I really do need to expand my steam library.
    Sorta, Kinda, Maybe, Almost there don't count as beat. :p
    You looked up Dolce or TrickDeLaMagie huh? :p That's no magic!
    You got it! Extra yuri it is! The more yuri the better!
    I try :p
    Who's Miss Fortune? :eek:
    Ah true, I keep forgetting to watch that! I am currently watching Psycho Pass, so I might check it out after that.
    I am afraid to ask ;w;
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