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  • It's okay Jeff, I'll comfort you! :D/

    Oh not bad, ninja girls are adorable man.
    How many of them have you beaten though? :p
    Do you have my steam name??? o.o
    Awww can't you tell me here? xD
    Whoaaa! Everything looks so animepic~!! *-*
    Damn those LoL prints are giving me a reason to want to start playing League ;D I really want that Fullmetal bag, and those Itachi/Sasuke posters! Nice choices! That sword keychain looks cool too. What anime is it from? And I see that your Cheese-kun collection is growing xD
    And nah, I totally forgot to ask him D: Thanks for reminding me man!
    OH! So you had to refresh your own PC? Yipes. I'm sorry to hear that Jeff. :(

    Ohhh now that's what I'm talking about Jeff! And since it's summer here we go!

    I don't choose my games, I just buy on a whim sometimes. Q.Q
    What's your gaming library like tho? I'm curious now.
    Are you saying I killed them? Q~Q

    That's too sweet for my tastes though, get something racier! :p

    I could get that on Vita so I might consider it. :p
    Really? Here I thought that was money. xD Okie lemme try!! ⁽⁽(੭ꐦ •̀Д•́ )੭*⁾⁾ ᑦᵒᔿᵉ ᵒᐢᵎᵎ

    Oh hearts. ♡
    Ugh my heart!! I give it a 11/10 Jeff. Not even bad! ♡
    Here's mine:
    Never heard of the Telltale series. o.o
    D: I didn't yet! You gotta tell me more~~ I just know it's available for PC tho >.>;
    Oh no worries, I wasn't asking for a pic xD. Just some intel on the event and how you spent it :D We kinda have events like that but the most they last is two days. Usually staurday and sunday -w-
    Oh why not? :p You gotta get in the spirit of the convention~~ And I bet you do c:

    My we are still lovey eh~? I love the image tho <3 Time to spice up a bit heh~~
    I played it >w> Hmm~~ Sorry to spoil your fun but nice </3
    Whatever you say Jeff, whatever you say. You can't lie to a lady of my caliber! ;P

    Omg yesssss. Now you're speaking my language Jeff! <333 xoxoxox
    This image is too big for a spoiler tho so here: http://i.imgur.com/SXxVGKt.jpg

    What did you binge on Jeff? D:
    And while we are at it, we can try recording a showdown live again-but properly this time xD
    Am I hearing right!? You said you stopped watching because it was too good? D: A true otaku always watches a good anime until the end! :O Ahh yeah I heard good things about Kill La Kill. I plan to watch that and Akame Ga Kill after I finish with Higurashi.
    Pfff let's see you come up with a better rhyme then Mr. Poet :p
    Hey thanks buddy! :D

    Pretty nice pretty nice~ But I'm not throwing in the towel just yet!
    And you impress me with games so +10 with that Mr. Jeff~ Hah not at all xD I am just too friendly I guess, I do my best for everyone :p
    I am not from America so not really D: Oh my! A 4 day ticket! Someone is gonna have lotsa fun I bet ~~ You better have some cool stuff to show me when you are back eh~? I repeat you should cosplay!

    That's a lot xD But my we started soft here, not that much quality but I like it~~
    Oh a lot of N avis :p Gotta love the Catherine one tho o/
    Pfft. So you have a notepad of emotes handy for conversations? You're a man whose always prepared huh Jeff?
    ..... I won't deny that! Ehehe. :3c
    Jeff that's too many hearts for my liking. D:
    No it's not, my eyeeeeeeees. T~T
    I saw! The urge to spend money is real! xD And thankie. c:
    Are you sure you aren't trying to impress me? :p I sense iiit~~ But well as you say the fun should be enjoy the game with friends don'tcha think? Me? Hah I wish I could! But I don't spend much time on my laptop, so I wouldn't get far. A friend from other forums played it and always told me about it xD
    Hmm not really, the otaku culture isn't really diverse. We got some conventions and such but just that, maybe if I go somewhere else I can get caught on o: XDXD Let's not, we don't wan't problems.

    Rating of the pics? -w-)

    Also.. What's with you Photoshop skills? D: D: I don't see it in your avis anymore!
    Now it's 4 months! XD This is getting bad bruh D; I guess we could always talk on Skype if we wanted xD
    Cool, thanks Jeff! I was actually looking for some good horror and some strategy/logic anime (like Code Geass, Death Note, etc. type you feel me?). Also, an anime with some nice fanservice couldn't hurt eh~? ;D Think you can hook me up?
    Haha now that I think about it, you could do this for a living xD I can just imagine it......Bored? Need something to watch? Who you gonna call? Jeff the Anime Guy will solve all your problems! With his honed otaku skills he'll deliver you the best and sexiest anime that your heart desires~~ Call now and receive a free custom Signature :D
    That emote is strange, I'm wary now~~ :p
    Hear about what though? Nina's lost! T~T
    Your always good company and you make me laugh, so of course I do. No matter how uhhh emotion-less I seem.
    I'm a giant in my family since most of the other women are 5' 5" and under. But I like taller men, not super buff guys though. Ugh my eyes. >.<
    Cuz I feel she's too fake, I love her when she's Marie though~ :p but still, Onodera~ How come you aren't on our team?

    Same! Sometimes I'm just lazy to do anything lol.
    I know I'm so lazy to play (T_T) Yes let's play! :D

    Ohh I know that one! (Well who doesn't? xD) What rank are you?
    I don't have much time :p For me is games>anime sowwy~ Oh my xDxD I am not sure if vms are the best place! You sure are daring Mr. Jeff~

    Dafuq?? You said guys! D: I thought you meant.. men.. Thats why I said hot but not together ;--; But I can definitely enjoy some good action between girls~ Imma send some art later as payment °^°)/
    Aw but a tea party is da best partea~~ ;P

    Haha looks like you got your wish buddy, she's back~ :p

    Hmm lemme try to remember around that time. Not much iirc. The BBL had been pretty dead lately :/ May I pose the same question to you? How were things during my past hiatus?

    And now that I am on my break, it's time to binge watch anime! :D
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