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  • Hey, we all have our moments of inactivity. I was basically dormant for the entirety of 2014.
    That makes me sad :(

    I hope you don't have to wait too long to get a cute dog then.
    I take it you can't take a pet to uni?

    I have no idea what going to uni is like... My secondary education is a distance college xD
    Your profile doesn't tell me how old you are, so I'll ask. How old are you? Are you working?

    My advice is to convince them to get a small one (Cats work great for this, but some dogs are perfect too) and that you'll be 100% responsible for it. Feed it, clean up after it, etc. This works better in your favour if you can pay for the food, medical bills, etc for the animal.

    I personally can't imagine life without a dog, so I hope you manage to convince your parents to let you have one... or at least a cat.
    I wish I could give visitor messages a like :p

    I have no idea where I got it from, to be honest... but I just love cute and fuzzy animals so... :p

    My own dog will be making another appearance sooner or later too.
    Greetings from 'murica! Have you gotten the chance to make that video yet? :D
    If you would like to vote for the next version of ^ vs v, let ME know if you want a serious version or a gag version by shooting ME a VM. Specific topics are not being voted on, since I have topics for both scenarios in mind. Voting ends tonight some time at or after 6pm GMT-6.
    Ohh, we have some similar exams here in the US. And yeah, that video would help a lot aha.
    What are AS levels? At first I thought it was something from Alpha Sapphire but that doesn't make much sense ahah
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