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  • Chances are really, really, really slim that I'll make Nats this year. Low on cash, parents can't drive me, gotta get a job, taking driver's ed. Tough situation, but I should be able to go next year. And I obviously can't make the LCQ either, since it's in fucking Hawaii.
    ok, thanks, just realized you replied when I just checked your thread, please post vms on other people's wall's so they get notified.
    Thank you so much!
    Sniping is when you attack pokemon on the bench as opposed to attacking the active one in front of you.

    The best online simulator right now is a program called Redshark which pairs with an IP program called Hamachi. It isn't perfect, but it's the best we've got so far.
    ok, I don't play the card game but I watch your videos about the tcg anyway.
    a question.
    what is sniping?
    also, is there a site the equiveleant of shoddy battle for cards?
    don't have enough money to buy tons of cards, so was wondering if there is an online simulator or something.
    Hey Wittzer, you won the DTH contest... have a look at the thread. :] Also, would you mind posting your entry in the Archetypes forum so people can have a look at it? Jesus, only one other person ran Claydol in their list... D:
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