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Jyo Rose
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  • for those curious - some drawings I'll be working on during March and April:
    * Eevee playing with my Uzbek Vaporeon tail,6 part drawing, with a last part of a glaceon watching (myUzbek friend's Glaceon sona named Ayako'z)
    * a drawing for my Georgian friend, of his Glaceon and my own Glaceon named Levan, having fun
    * two drawings of Pokemon I haven't drawn before, interacting with some of my own Eeveelution sonas
    * something related to Disney, maybe some of my sonas in their favorite disney-characers @EternalPokéFanGirl
    * and a cute drawing of one of my younger Eevees holding a lightsaber, will likely be a flashlight @Skalesgon
    working on a couple drawings
    sadly, I now I won't be able to share two of them, simply for the strict rule on "no foreign language" - one drawing features Georgian, the other drawing has lots of Uzbek, no English on them

    the others I'll be able to share them
    The episode I mentioned. I went through the whole series and got attached to him.
    Jyo Rose
    Jyo Rose
    I'll check it out when i get teh chance and not distracted too
    One of my favourite things about Star Wars Rebels is Kanan's and Ezra's father-son relationship.

    You watched Rebels?
    Jyo Rose
    Jyo Rose
    sorry, I took a nap
    I seen the original star wars movies, live action ones, had not known before seeing your messages that there was an animated version at all
    so you can say in simple terms - No, I have not seen animated version
    just watching a movie in Turkmen called "Nejep Oglan" which translates to "nice guy"
    getting interested in making simple animations (with my Eevees/felines such as flicking ears, blinking, moving mouth, simple walking, tail wag)
    so far have failed at trying to make anything
    even watching beginners tutorials

    so far have tried with Blender, ToonBoom, Cartoon Animator 4 - currently practicing with Moho - its so complicated, I can't even get the basics
    Pencil2D is a pretty good free software. Also, I'm biased, but Flash is still amazing for making things, regardless of Flash player being dead.
    Anyway, keep going with it!
    Jyo Rose
    Jyo Rose
    I'll give it a try - sounds fun and interesting to try
    Jyo Rose
    Jyo Rose
    reading and watching tutorials
    I'll give it a try, and mess around withPencil2D
    hope its not too tough
    Hi Veez! I know you're a fan of animated movies so I want to invite you to a chat about favorite animated movies that I share with other users. And if you don't want is all right.
    Jyo Rose
    Jyo Rose
    yes I have - most animated movies here in the USA are also included with Spanish and French language on DVD's and BluRays
    aside from English/Spanish/French - do like them in Russian and Turkish
    thanks, I do see the topic
    Jyo Rose
    Jyo Rose
    I'm watching an animated movie, but didn't include it since it has too much "adult humor' on it - bad words, fart/burt jokes, some violence, its in Turkish
    called "Kötü Kedi Şerafettin" which translates to 'Bad Cat Şerafettin"
    trailer of the movie
    Oh, I've heard of it but I haven't seen it, but I supposed that you would mention it because something tells me that you love cats :ROFLMAO:.
    not going to give away the specifics, a few other drawings i been working on:
    * a few with my Flareon named Firox watching Family Feud on his tablet
    * an Eevee dressed up as a clown
    * Grace Glaceon encountering a painful moment (happy wagging tails can be hard to control - so...
    wagging tail +metal lamp post = aching bruise

    a few more, don't want to give all away
    a drawing i been working on - to practice other Pokemon
    hopefully catch @Ghost girl and @EternalPokéFanGirl attention
    its my Eevee (likely name of Dennis, the curious one) traveling on Arval (male Umbreon) - they encounter the three Kanto ghosts... instead of being afraid, it's more curious on what they are

    something strange happened not too long ago in my home
    10mins from time of this post - sounded like something knocked on the door, three times, when I went to look, no one at the door - similar when I walked to the kitchen for some hot water, some thing knocked on the window, no one there
    likely my third paranormal encounter in Seattle.
    Fan of Jarrus
    Fan of Jarrus
    What were the other encounters?
    Jyo Rose
    Jyo Rose
    in March 12, 2014 my grandma passed away from a heart attack - 3 months later, in June 12, her dog passed away, first encounter was when i heard my grandma's whistling the same she did when she called her dog.... when i went t look, her dog had passed away - my grandma's spirit probably came back for her dog

    about a year ago, when I was in my room playing a game, my door was locked, suddenly the door flew open, i could feel the wind pushing the door open
    strangest part, no wind that day, all windows and doors closed
    my room door could only be opened by turning the door knob, but my room was locked, no way it could be someone since I didn't hear the door knob turn
    it just flew open on it's own
    Oh, all that is very spooky :eek:.
    want to reply in Spanish - forums are in English language... don't want us to get in trouble

    I like them, I'm from Venezuela, do you know people from Venezuela?, I ask because I don't think polvorosas are very well known in the USA, or are they?. And it's impressive that you know many languages by the way :giggle:.

    Music in Spanish.
    I can't find them anywhere in Pacific Northwest where I live
    when I lived in Los Angeles with my abuelita, she had a friend from Caracas, made them once in a while, I was too small back then

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    How cool! I wish you luck finding the polvorosas, here in Venezuela it's very easy to find them. Nice drawing, I'm going to comment in Deviantart, I have an account there too :giggle:.
    Jyo Rose
    Jyo Rose
    (will reply to messages after my work day, where I am)
    I'm not religious at all, trying to draw a hijab is so hard, much harder than it looks. One of the 'geography Eevees' I'm drawing wears one.... attempting to draw them so hard, especially for a Leafeon.
    I won't give up.
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